My weight gain drove me nuts

by Cari

I was never skinny - alas! I was always rather short and dumpy and a swan wanna-be but I had an ongoing weight gain story that followed every weight loss story I ever had.

I started dieting early and that was a fatal mistake (I now realize!). Sure, I'd lose weight, even lose it pretty quickly at times...but no matter which miracle cure I chose, the result was ultimately always the same.... I regained the weight plus a bit more. I felt elated whenever I was losing but my inevitable weight gain afterwards drove me nuts. I felt as if I'd never escape the diet treadmill - that in retrospect I didn't even know I was on. :(

My life revolved around food and eating, losing weight and then weight gain again. Until I discovered a couple of fantastic books on not dieting. They were an absolute revelation because I never realized that my weight gain story wasn't my fault until then.

Now I live following Mind over Fatter and Joy-Filled-Living principles and my weight gain story is a thing of the past.

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