Pancakes and cold pizza

by MB
(Napa, CA)

Typical weekend breakfast

Typical weekend breakfast

Hi, I just finished Cari's class and the only thing I told her (besides how great it was) was that she should talk about this in her first class and not the second to last one!

I never understood why you shouldn't eat to late at night until Cari talk about the body clock. And now it finally makes sense! For the last two weeks I have been doing my best to follow my body clock and eating only when I am hungry (still need to work on this, I have begun to wait until I am really hungry-Not good!)

Breakfast buzz myth #1-Hard to not believe this one, it has been engraved in my brain. But Cari does make sense (as always) and I have dehydration issues all day.

Breakfast buzz myth #2-Same as #1-Dehydration-I do not like water!

Breakfast buzz myth #3-Once again, same as #1, except-
Exercise? I have never gotten an energy boost but I will believe Cari, I promise.

Breakfast buzz myth #4-Finally not the same as #1! I totally agree with Cari about this one. I get hungry at the same time whether I eat or not (except if I have protein which will put it off an extra couple of hours)

Breakfast buzz myth #5-LOL! If this were true I would be my
perfect weight! I have had breakfast all my life and am very overweight, so this is TOTALLY FALSE!

About my Title-Pancakes and cold pizza

Pancakes-a story I told in class, I have described it on another post "Eggplant & Pancakes"

Cold pizza-If you have never had it for your first meal of the day-you really should!

Cari, you are the GREATEST!!!!

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