question about exercising enough

by Fern
(Detroit, Michigan, USA)

I am a growing teen who whenever I eat, I right away feel guilty. I feel off all the time on the weekends because I don't exercise. During school, i eat perhaps a third of my lunch, the lunch meat in my sandwich and a few crackers + water, and afterwards, maybe 2 hours later, I got to P.E. and still feel guilty about myself. So whenever i have time, i ride on my bike or try to do sprints in the front yard of my house. I am 5 feet 2 inches and 107 pounds. Am i healthy enough or should i try to do more exercise?

Hi Fern, you need to remember that food and eating are NOT enemies to feel guilty about, they're nutrition and fuel for your body. They are what give us energy and keep us healthy. So I'd highly recommend that you read how to do what I call happy eating. In addition, I'd be really careful that you aren't on the path to exercise bulimia by over-exercising.

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Feb 13, 2012
You are lucky
by: Jenny Henrick

Hi Fern
The fact that you've asked this question, tells me that in the back of your mind, you know that it is not normal to feel like that. You are so lucky that you are asking this question as a teenager and can change the way you think before you have a lifetime of misery behind you.
Concentrate on eating healthy things and eating when you're hungry. Try to eat 3 balanced meals with 2 snacks. There is NOTHING to feel guilty about when you are nourishing your body. As a teenager, you are growing and studying and your body should be well nourished.
Excercise because it feels good, not as a punishment. Find something that you really like like dancing or some sport that you enjoy.
Minimise eating junk food but dont feel guilty if you have the occasional treat. Thats life!
Dont be brainwashed by the fashion magazines or Hollywood idols. Its all a sham and not what 'normal' people do.
Enjoy your teans. Rejoice in your young, healthy body and dont stress about 'weight'. Have fun. Read Cari's articles and follow the advice. You are so lucky that you can change your mindset now.

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