Salads kids love and salads kids will eat

by Cari
(Planet earth)

A typical salad face

A typical salad face


Capsicum/ cucumber or boiled eggs
Carrot/ celery / cheese
Tomatoe or orange segment
Cherry tomatoes
Snap peas/beans
Nuts/ bits of chicken

(Feel free to substitute or change around ingredients - the idea behind this recipe is the you're going to help your child make a salad face. It's a fun game and children are much more likely to eat something they've had a hand in creating. So allow them to suggest ingredients for various parts of the 'face'). And PS... if you want your children's diet to change, the green eating guide is f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s!

Wash lettuce leafs and arrange them on the plate - this forms your 'face'

Cut the capsicum (red, orange or green whichever you child prefers) into a round 2 round circles for the eyes, then pop an olive into each. Or boil an egg hard and cut into thick slices width-wise - you can still pop an olive onto each yolk portion to help the look of the eyes. Or slices of cucumber work fabulously too.

Snap peas make great eyebrows, as do beans

A slice of carrot can make a nice nose (as can celery, or a piece of cheese),

Peeled carrots into ribbons make great curly hair, and celery/beans or peas can make spiky hair, and brocolli branches work too.

A wedge or tomatoe makes a great mouth, or even an orange segment.

Chopped pieces of chicken or nuts make great freckles or zits (Yuch - I know...but kids love things that gross us out!) or even a row of teeth

Cherry tomatoes cut in half make great rosy cheeks.

And if you're looking for more tips on how to get your child to eat healthy the easy peasy here!

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