Self Love  = Happy cells
Stop stress eroding your health

The healing power of love, especially the health benefits of self Love, should never be under-estimated.  Along with serenity, compassion, and the healing power of play and joy?  But how can you live a large, fabulous and vibrant life when you're stressing about everything be it calories, or cash, worrying about every morsel that goes into your mouth, or when you're at war with your body or people around you?

According to the American stress Institute 90% of all doctor visits are stress-related.  It's the power of mind over body.  That's why all my health tips include the healing power of the mind and it's why having a healthy body image is so vital. 

happy size

Do you wish you could just stop the craziness and love and accept yourself even when others don't? Even when the scale says you don't 'measure down' to the current beauty standards, even when the size you wear might be considered 'outsize'? A healthy lifestyle = healthyattitudes.

Do you wish you could say:

"I no longer gauge my value based on what I eat, what I weigh, what size clothes I wear or whether I've gone to the gym every day.  Some days i don't go at all - and i don't even feel guilty.  I love how good and healthy I feel and how all that diet noise in my head has gone quiet.  I never thought I'd be able to eat what looks, smells and tastes good without feeling anxious about it and I never thought I'd feel so free."  

How many diets have you tried?  How many more thousands do you want to spend before you'll truly realize THEY are not the beginning of a healthy lifestyle, they are THE problem - not you!

How many times have you felt like this...."I fell for it again the other day.....I started yet ANOTHER diet plan all because the scale told me I'd gained 4lbs   As usual I told myself....This one will do it, this one will work, this is the answer....NO, NO, NO!!! More total waste of money..... I started on "the diet", lasted THREE days....and just HATED tracking food and not being able to eat this and that..."

I want you to stop dieting!  I want you to start living, really living, in your 'now-body' - the body you have right now today.  I want you to be body wise and happy at whatever your size.  Mostly I want you to realize that happy biochemistry is the most powerful health tip around.

I don't want you to go one one more diet that fosters thoughts of

Anything that makes you more frantic about food, your body and your health stops you from living even the basics of a healthy lifestyle, because chronic stress changes immune cell genes creating inflammation in the body which creates the health problems our culture blames on weight.  

Yes, you read that right - it's NOT necessarily weight that is the health ogre except at very high and very low weights, you can have health at every size (HAES®).  We need to stop buying into a culture of thin privilege that comes from a lack of self love, and chronic dieting that creates enormous chronic stress.  Let give you a few examples (there are many more than this): 

1)  chronic stress (that's what forever trying to diet ourselves thin does) changes out biochemistry so we secrete more of the stress hormone, Cortisol, is a hormone that makes you fat.  

2)  Dietary Restraint is linked to shorter DNA telomere length (which are the little bits at the end of our DNA that stop our DNA from unraveling - the longer they are the longer your DNA can replicate and the longer you live.)   When researchers took two samples, one of 36 premenopausal women and one of 53 postmenopausal women and examined their DNA telomeres length regardless of their BMI, smoking or age even, those who dieted had shorter telomeres.  The difference between women who diet and those who don't was calculated to be 9 years.

3)  Salivary immunoglobulin (S-IgA) is an antibody produced in our mouth and is our first line of defense against disease.  Anger increased heart rate and it inhibited the production of S-IgA for up to 5 hours after the anger had passed. On the other hand,positive emotions produced a significant increase of S-IgA.  Self-created emotions were more powerful than watching a movie.  When we do what our culture encourages us to do (makes them money if we're insecure), and self-create feeling negative when we tell ourselves we're disgusting etc... we're stopping our body from producing it's own protection...

Diets don't work, they never have and they never will. But a thin culture does harm - it creates both more eating disorders and it erodes our individual health whether you are woman, man or child.  And when you are body-wise (you trust your body) and you live creating happy cells , you'll  reach the size that is naturally right and healthy for you. But don't wait -adopt self love now.

Switch Calorie Counting for Self Love

You do not need meal plans or meal replacements, nor calorie counting or food tracking, nor weighing (either yourself or food) and you definitely don't need more self loathing or body shame. When you replace your diet mentality with self-love, self-compassion and serenity, the diet noise in your head will quieten and allow space for new plans.  

"I thought I was just trying to be healthy and look better. Now I'm not so sure that what I was putting myself through was healthy at all. Most of my energy went toward trying to reach an arbitrary weight goal and hating my body. It hadn't dawned on me that I would never find happiness by reaching a certain dress size--and my life was passing me by while I tried." (Health at Every Size®, Linda Bacon)

And if you're absolutely hell-bent that you have to be thin to be healthy and loved, and nothing I can say will deter you - I understand, I was there once too. Come back when you've tried even more of them and they have failed you ....because they will. 

All that 'eat less' and 'exercise more' blah blah is just keeping you trapped in food jail - it'll leave when you stop dieting.  When you HAVE to eat right and exercise more, it's a bore and a chore - when you do it because you WANT to, it's easy and fun.

We're missing something vital ....the self-love, the natural love of movement and intuitive eating tools that we had BEFORE the food obsession, and before self love was replaced with those 'I hate my body' thoughts.

This website brings you health at every size (HAES®) principles, along with obesity research and unusual mind body health tips that will challenge almost everything our culture tells us about weight, health, and aging well. 

Believing the diet industry erodes your self-love, self-compassion and sense of serenity....but HAES® and Intuitive Eating principles will release you from having to worry about willpower and they'll release you from believing that weight is 'the' big evil that it's painted as.


There's plenty of proof of that.

And it wouldn't be so bad if they just didn't work - but the problem is that they are also harmful and create the very problems they purport to solve.

We need a new paradigm - URGENTLY!

I don't just want you to have a healthy body - I want way more for you than that:

  • I want you to have a healthy mind too. I want you to remember and honour your Sacredness! I want you to be unreservedly self-loving and live fully without food and body worries.
  • I want you to trust your incredible body that knows how to self-regulate and how to eat intuitively.
  • I want you to live joyfully and I don't want you to wait to reach some figure on a scale before you do! And this self love, HAES® and intuitive eating website is dedicated to showing you the way.

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