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I've been trying to lose the same 10 pounds for years, and about 2 weeks ago I accidentally missed breakfast for two days in a row. It dawned on me that, although I had a light lunch both days around 11:30, I wasn't really hungry until dinner time. This jogged my memory that, in my 20s (I'm 40) I NEVER ate breakfast. So I decided to ditch the "healthy eating" wisdom I've been buying into for the last ten years or so (since I had kids and worried about their diet), and stop eating breakfast, have a light lunch around 11:30, and then a regular dinner and even a small dessert. I've already lost 6-8 pounds, it's been a piece of cake (bad pun). I should add that I work out 4-5 days a week, usually between 8 and 10. But now I simply don't feel the need to eat! When I do eat breakfast, as you mentioned in the article, I am always voraciously hungry by about 10:30 and it's difficult not to snack. Then I have lunch between 12-1, and then I'm hungry again around 3. I'm not sure why not eating breakfast is helping, but I am going to listen to my body from now on, instead of what dieticians are taught in college. (I may even let my kids try skipping breakfast, which they don't seem to like, either, anyway. It's always a struggle to get them to eat in the morning. Maybe we have a genetic "no breakfast" quirk.) Thanks for giving me some backup!!

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