Thanks for nothing

by FatCat

I am already eating fruits, veggies and watching my carb intake closely. I also work out with weights, do yoga, spinning, zumba and swim and walk every day. Not only am I not losing, I am GAINING and I just can't accept my body like this. So your advice was not helpful to me. I can't even stand to shop for clothes or look at myself in the mirror. I feel like whoever wrote this is a skinny person who has never really had to deal OR they are someone who went from a size 6 to a size 10 as opposed to me who went from sz 14 to sz 16 -- a size you can't buy in a "normal" store.

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Oct 11, 2010
Kiddo, stop doing it with your head
by: Susan

Been there, done that, for 20 years. Yo-yo dieting; huge losses; bigger gains. I majored in biochemistry in college and became a nutrition expert -- and I'm convinced in retrospect that I did that to solve my own weight problem. I ran into the solution 29 years ago in Bob Swarts' seminar -- "Diets don't work". The solution is magical because it's instant. It starts with a question. The solution is available to you only after you give up following the diet industry rules. It's available only after you get and live with "I don't know."
Because it's only then that you might -- might -- get out of your head and put your body back in charge of eating. You (your mind) cannot break all the rules and lose weight. But your body can.
Your body has a magic weapon.
Homo sapiens has lived on this planet for millions of years and it's only within the last 100,000 or so that man possessed a mind. Before that, he survived without one. Homo sapiens is a naturally thin beast and you are no exception. How about if you forget everything you know about dieting and eating and give the control to your body?
And answer one question. With your body. What is hunger?

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