Thirty pounds and hope

by F.
(New York, upstate )

Thirty pounds. Thirty!

But that wasn't the worst part. The worst was when I went to the doctor for help with my rapid and unexplainable weight gain and got sent home with a piece of paper saying I should eat more veg and exercise more and that losing weight was essential for my health. (uhm, the exact problem IS unexplained weight gain and your advice is to lose weight!????)

I am not at peace with my size, at all.

Even though I know that math backs me up. You see, with the " calories in, calories out" model, I would have first had to drastically increase ny food intake to gain the first five pounds, then increase it even above that to gain more, and so on.

I didn't even go to the doctor, being so ashamed of myself, until, in addition to weight gain, my eyebrows had fallen out.

Funny thing is that now most of the peri menopause symptoms are done. My eyebrows are back. Formication (crawly feeling under skin) is done. Insomnia not as bad. But the weight stays.

I actually don't have any hope to offer. I am posting so that other women who gained 30 instead of ten won't feel alone.

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Feb 06, 2017
I wish our society were different
by: Cari

This is exactly what I mean when I say that our biology and our culture clash and unfortunately when we believe the cultural messages about body size it makes it extremely difficult for us. Thank you for sharing.
Kindly Cari

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