Unexplained weight gain


I am a 38 year old healthy, fit mum of 2. My periods stopped suddenly in July this year. I am gaining weight very quickly especially around the waist. This is very unusual for me. My obgyn doesn't believe that I am menopausal or perimenopausal and has put me back on the pill.

I feel awful and am in total despair as well as going through a messy, horrible divorce.

Whats wrong with me? I am depressed beyond words and don't want to continue to live like this.

Thank you

Some thoughts from Cari

First of all remember that I don't know how long you have been without your periods - there are also many other factors I don't know about your life, so I'm just going to offer some suggestions for you to consider.

When did you stop the Pill initially? Remember that it can take up to 6 months for regular periods to start again after the last dose of the Pill. This is not as common with newer low-dosage pills.

Exercise - too much exercise can stop your periods. The more strenuous your exercise, the more likely your periods are to stop.

Drugs - other medications can also have an effect on your periods, eg some antidepressants, anti-vomiting medications, and some blood pressure medications. You mention that you are 'depressed' I don't know if you mean it has been diagnosed and you're on medication or if you're using it just to describe how you feel about your weight/ life. But also remember that when you're feeling down, eating more to comfort yourself, can also cause weight gain.

I have read that Polycystic ovary syndrome which affects about 3-5% of women and have as their only symptom the absence of periods. Another common feature is excessive weight gain.

You've already mentioned that your obgyn has ruled out premature menopause which affects around 10% of women under the age of 40 years. I was curious about what tests they'd done to rule that out.

The other thing that could be playing a big role in your stopped periods right now could be your current divorce. Stressful situations can cause an abrupt halt in your cycle. Periods usually return once the stress subsides.

Also, the stress of divorcing you cause you to eat more as well as a way of 'pushing down unwanted feelings,' or just doing something nice for yourself etc...

Hope some of those suggestions help
Kind regards

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Oct 18, 2011
Total Despair
by: Jenny Henrick

I so identify with your 'total despair' comment. I think that the big thing, while you search for any physiological reason for your weight is that you have to try to relax and not over stress about it. Before I started with Mind Over Fatter, I was also in total despair about my weight and the fact that I'd picked up 13kgs of the 28kgs that I'd lost. As I'm adopting the new 'habits' in the programme, I find that when I'm not stressing about loosing and focussing on every morsel I'm eating/going to eat/ shouldn't have eaten, the intense desire to eat is going and I don't wake up every morning with that sense of dread for the coming day. I would really recommend that you get the programme and start changing past habits. Its not a quick fix but it certainly is a better way to live your life. Let me know how you're doing. Luv Jen

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