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Unhealthy dieting is any dieting that keeps you trapped in Diet City and Food jail and gives you a dose of scale-itis (a horrible infectious disease). Diet City is set out like a confusing maze with street names like:  Scale street, Binge blvd, Restriction drive, Regain rd, Shame street...and even Anorexia Alley and Bulimia blvd. But there is a hall of mirrors in Distortion Drive that keeps you forever unhappy.  All roads have signposts indicating they lead to destination 'Thinland' which is also sold to you as 'Happyland' by those unhealthy dieting salesmen that hang around every street corner taunting you with their miracle cures. Yet, as many discover diet lies and weight loss advice myths are rampant and Self-Love street and Peaceful Place are hard to find. 

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