There's a weight loss myth for every day of the

There is weight loss myth after, weightloss myth after weight myth.  After researching weight, body and diets for decades now, I'm convinced that there are some very lucrative industries getting fatter and fatter trying to convince us all we need to do is lose weight and viola - our problems will all disappear and we'll of course live happily ever after!

The all natural weight loss tip I learned from Centenarians

7 shocking weightloss myths

Myth #5:
Focus on your Eating

Myth #6:
Weight Loss Success Stories

Myth #7:
You can't become addicted to dieting

Myth #8:
Attaining that 'ideal' Body

Myth #9:
Dieting is Healthy

Myth #10:
One Size Fits All

Myth #11:
Diet Foods are Good for you

Myth #12:
Trust your cultural weight ideal not your body weight ideal

Myth #13:
Dieting = Fast Weight Regain

weight loss myth #14:
diets aren't dangerous

How to Lose Weight Naturally

Best Weight Loss Plan

Stop dieting start living

10 Tips to Stop Dieting

Intuitive Eating - a Revolutionary Program

Intuitive Eating Success Stories

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