An honouring ceremony of
Wisdom-Keepers & Wisdom Seekers

We will be 'under the stars' so please be sure to bring something warm in case you need it as the sun goes down.

Why hold a celebratory wisdom circle?

In a culture that worships at the altar of youth, women (as they age) sometimes need an invitation to, stand up  and step into, the honored role of being a wisdom-keeping elder.  In traditional societies,  elders enjoy a revered status.  They are hailed as treasured and significant  for their skills and knowledge acquired over a life time,  and looked to for moral leadership and as a source of wisdom.  

This wisdom-seeking, wisdom-keeping ceremony invites us to echo ceremonies from the ages and traditional societies when reaching the status of an elder was a major milestone. A positive life affirming period that was full of hope, joy and celebration. Now is the time to share your wisdom and claim, for yourself, the empowerment and freedom that comes with embracing wisdom-keeping. When we claim our role as a source of inspiration amongst our circle.  It's a time to feel comfortable in your own skin and spirituality. Time to embrace our intuition and creativity and be willing to share our knowledge, wisdom and compassion.

It matters not your chronological age, for we are all on a journey of continium that consists  of both wisdom-seeking and wisdom-keeping.  

Outline of the program for the evening


A ritual candle-lighting, safe-space creating and opening ceremony.

Each woman  will speak 1 short story (5 minutes or less) from their life into the circle.  This story is to be one of joy or sorrow (or both), but all stories will end with the wisdom gained from it. 

A ceremonial gathering up and honouring of the wisdom shared during the circle.

Closing ceremony

The breaking and sharing of communal 'bread' will nourish our bodies. 

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