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Body-Wise zine, Issue #11-thanking my body
November 26, 2015

Today I'm thanking my body

Today, especially I am feeling deep gratitude for my body - the vehicle which houses my essence and allows me to walk as a physical entity through this world. I'm grateful for the ka-zillion processes it carries out simultaneously, all at lightening speed, all automatically, all so finely tuned at if you stop to think about the wonder of it - its enough to take your breath away.

Sometimes when I'm harsh and berating towards it, because it perhaps doesn't meet some exterior culturally imposed standard, it's because I've been lulled into focussing on what isn't real - a false value. It's because, I've temporarily lost sight of what a miracle my physical form is. That always happens because I'm buying into some money-making BS designed to keep me forgetting it's mysteries and it's incredibleness. How it can birth babies, how it can remember things back to my childhood, how it keeps me breathing without any help from me, how it instantly starts mending any injury because IT's sole purpose is to keep me alive and well.

You see my incredible body doesn't have the not-so-hidden agenda that the diet industry, the fashion industry, the beauty industry etc... etc... have - it's ONLY agenda is to look after me, to keep me safe, to keep me alive and thriving. That's it's only job and what it does 24/7 and 365 days of the year. It's when I forget this that I'm most likely to get in it's way: Like when I buy cosmetic products full of toxic ingredients, or when I eat food that is processed to such a degree that it barely qualifies as food, or when i think toxic thoughts which create negative biochemistry for it to cope it.

My body both IS me and ISN'T

And yet, much as I value and love this mysterious piece of flesh I walk around in... I also know that it's (to quote Deepak Chopra - I think it was) just a cloak that at sometime I will cast off - yet the essence of me will still remain. And as Wayne Dyer says (I think it was him) - if you weigh me one second before I die and 1 second after my last breath has left my body, my physical flesh will stay the same even though the eternal essence of me is no longer there.

Thank you body for your miraculous and mysterious processes, thank you for being the part of me that allows me to interact with this incredible world. Thank you for eyes to see, arms to hug, tastebuds to tantalize with what's nutritious and sometimes just plain delicious, legs that allow me to jump with joy and chase fireflies on the lawn on a summer evening, lungs to breathe, whatever that mysterious place is from which laughter erupts and spills into this world, for my heart which which can feel gratitude and send it biochemically to every teeny corner of my body. For a brain that allows me to see through the veil of deception that would have me believe that my body isn't good enough.

This Thanksgiving, I want to thank you too for reading my newsletters, for supporting the work I do.

With love, laughter and wishes for an AWESOME life free from anxiety after eating (and before) and free from food obsessions and all the weight BS!


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