Let me help you signal your cells for health!

Every day, I help people break through their invisible barriers to having a body (and a company) that sing a healthy song!

A  gifted author, and facilitator,  Clinical Psychologist Cari Corbet-Owen is on a mission to help you reconsider the way you approach your health using her theory she calls:  ‘Our BodySong Code.’  Her 5th book,  due out in 2020 is titled: Unlock your Bodysong.  Crack your Health Code.  In it she distills her decades of cutting edge research (into quantum mechanics, epigenetics, neuroplasticity, the power of the mind, and much more), into everyday, easy to understand terms. 

One audience at a time, be that in companies, retreats, webinars or at her workshops, Cari uses humor, playfulness and story-telling  to demonstrate how, when we learn to signal our cells differently,  every one of us can unleash our inner pharmacy and change our body song from a disease-prone one to a healthy one, and at the same time contribute something more positive to our places of work, our families, communities and our world.  

Cari is also an award-winning, sought-after speaker whose research into weight and health has been featured on numerous TV and radio programs and major magazines from Glamor to Men’s Health and Readers Digest.  A chapter of her book ‘Mind over Fatter’ was published in Oprah and her ‘Mind over Fatter program’ was adopted by Metropolitan Health as part of their Good Life Plan.  

Cari is a passionate advocate for simple living and the healing powers of our bodies as well as the incredible benefits of natural building.  She has made two documentaries on latter.   Her unique workshop-retreats combine teaching the skills of natural building as well as how to signal our cells for health.

Cari is the founder of 'Project Addie' - a charitable group that turns trash into delightful fairy houses that are sent to children along with an elf-helper story:  "How to kickstart your inner rainbow.' These houses light up from the inside (symbolic of how we can help turn on our inner pharmacy) and the story gives very sick children powerful methods for how they can play and important part in their own healing.

Another thing that makes my body sing is my garden which has been selected twice for Clark County's Natural garden tour

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