Create the life you want.  
Signal your cells for health, happiness & healing!

Let me help you break through your invisible barriers to create a happy BodySong.  Your BodySong goes inward to your cells to create health and outward into the Universe.  Your BodySong not only changes your biology but collectively, when our bodies hum a happy Body Song, we change our world. 

I'm an Author,  a speaker and facilitator.  I'm also a South African-trained  Clinical Psychologist who works with individuals, groups and companies.  I'm on a mission to help you reconsider the way you approach happiness and health using the theory from my  5th book:   Your BodySong: 18 minutes to health happiness and longevity.  In it I distill my years of research into:

  • extreme survivors (people who live to over 100 with good health),
  • extreme believers (like firewalkers) and
  • extreme shifters (multiple personality patients)
  •  along with the most cutting edge research (into quantum mechanics, epigenetics, neuroplasticity, the power of the mind, and much more). 

It's a simple but powerful message!

One audience at a time, I use humor, bodysong boards, playfulness and story-telling  to teach people how to enhance and strengthen their unique BodySong and create a healthy life they feel fabulous about.  When we learn to signal our cells differently,  every one of us can unleash our inner pharmacy and change our body song from a disease-prone one to a healthy one, and at the same time contribute a higher vibration to our places of work, our families, communities and our world. 

I've been fortunate to speak on large stages and have my research into various aspects of health featured on numerous TV and radio programs and major magazines from Glamor to Men’s Health and Readers Digest.  A chapter of her book ‘Mind over Fatter’ was published in Oprah and her ‘Mind over Fatter program’ was adopted by Metropolitan Health as part of their Good Life Plan.  

I am a passionate advocate for simple living and the healing powers of our minds & bodies. I'm also amazed at the incredible benefits of natural building.  So much so that I made two documentaries about this.   My unique workshop-retreats combine teaching the skills of natural building as well as how to signal our cells for health.

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