Let me help you signal your cells for health!

Every day, I help people break through their invisible barriers to having healthy cells.

A  gifted author, and fabulous facilitator,  Clinical Psychologist Cari Corbet-Owen is on a mission to change the way you approach your health by using ‘The Centenarian Code’.   Combining charisma, humor, playfulness and story-telling as a way of bringing her unique vision alive, Cari readily connects with any audience.  With her keynote and workshops entitled, “Signal your cells for health” Cari is changing lives by distilling her decades of cutting edge research (into quantum mechanics, epigenetics, neuroplasticity, the power of the mind and those who live to 100+ and more), into everyday, easy to understand terms. One audience at a time, be that in companies or at her workshops, Cari demonstrates how, when we learn to signal our cells differently,  every one of us can unleash our inner pharmacy and change our body song from a disease-prone one to a healthy one.  

Cari is also an award winning speaker whose research into weight, both and health has been featured on numerous TV and radio programs and major magazines from Glamor to Men’s Health and Readers Digest.  A chapter of her book ‘Mind over Fatter’ was also published in Oprah and her ‘Mind over Fatter program’ was adopted by Metropolitan Health as part of their Good Life Plan.  Cari is also a passionate advocate for simple living and the healing powers of natural building and has made two documentaries on the subject.  

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