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Stress is all created by the story we tell ourselves. Learn how to powerfully tell the right story.

Change your perceptions....change your emotions & you'll change your health in dramatic ways!

Re-launched Nov 2020 with a new self-hypnosis included!


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obesity paradox


THE JOY-FILLED BODY: Eat! Play! Love and Live Light!

The amazing Reflex-o-Board

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The Reflex-o-Board , from the letters I have seen from clients, achieves some pretty remarkable healing ranging from Arthritis to Varicose veins and everything in between!  

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SOON, you'll be able to order these favourites from Amazon in both kindle and print!  Get your free Mind over Fatter audio tracks FREE!~

The Green Eating Guide includes ways to help your children (and family) learn -in a playful fashion - about food.  Play games as a way of learning to listen to your body and as a way to change your families eating habits.  Contact me for more details about when this series of 3 webinars be opening for new registrations.

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