Powerful visualization Exercises to
Live Better Longer

Would you take a healthy longevity pill with ZERO negative effects, if it took 15 minutes a day to swallow?

Do you want longevity that is all natural that doesn't come form swallowing pills, taking powders or potions?

You could be one of the few people with the tools to mimic the biology of those people who live to over 100.

Creating  Biology that: changes how your heart beats, what your brain waves look like & that strengthens your immune system

  • A powerful audio CD 
  • With an audio track that will help you create strong biology
  • With a healing frequency of sound inserted into the music
  • As your brain follows the images- you are signaling it to create vibrant health.
  • Your brain uses neuroplasticity to  create a neural network to support these new ideas
  • With each hearing, your brain and heart start to dance together in coherence and harmony.
  • They cascade powerful health-enhancing hormones through your cells.
  • You entire body from your immune system to which genes you are up regulating changes. 
  • You'll develop positive new insights into your health
  • These will become an every day part of your thinking - you will naturally be stimulating your body's internal pharmacy.
  •  When you change the signal you're sending your cells, you change your health in remarkably positive ways.
  • You will have a method you will start to automatically applywhenever your body needs a health boost.
  • You'll live longer and stronger

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How do you see your aging self in your mind's eye?

As that small handful of people who are 'in the know' know, visualization Exercises, when used correctly, are powerful because our brains are so easily fooled.  For example, the brain changes in the same way regardless of whether people actually practice playing notes on a piano or whether they just visualize playing them?  What the brain perceives, it believes and then changes it's biology accordingly - either for our good or our bad. 

We visualize all the time.  But when we're visualizing the wrong thing on a daily basis - you're stressing yourself, you'll have more need for doctors and hospitals and you'll age yourself faster.  If you're telling yourself that as you age you're becoming more worthless, more helpless, and more sickly and fragile, here's what will happen. 

  • You'll envisage and believe it, 
  • You'll act as if it is the truth, look for it and find it AND 
  • you'll get results that confirm your belief (including more doctors visits and possible medical bankruptcy). 
longevity belief

Command your brain to stay young!

Scientists now know two important things:

a) our brains are infinitely plastic - it's called Neuroplasticity.  

b) our brains can't tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined.  

When we tell our brains that aging means deterioration, it says:  "Your wish is my command" and it will help us age faster.  Likewise, any time we are feeding our brains new positive beliefs about aging, we're literally changing our biology by rewiring our brain to create a longevity lifestyle.   

In fact, in 1999, psychologists Heiner Maier and Jacqui Smith published a study (1) of the relationship between mortality and seventeen indicators of psychological well-being.  Using data from the Berlin Aging Study, which had collected information on the physical and psychological health n the early 1990s, they found that dissatisfaction with aging was one of the principle factors in how long people live.

If you want to age well - it's time to change your attitude

do you want to be a Barry
or a Dorothy?

longevity secrets

You can be like Barry - at 71 years old, his conversations are filled with all his aches and pains.  People try to avoid him.  He's regularly telling his brain:  "I can't do that because I'm too old" and visualizing not being able to do things.  His brain doesn't know this isn't true, it just says....  "OK, I've got it, your wish is my command." His brain sends a message down his nervous system to his cells that he's too old to do anything and and they obediently start closing down options for him, making him visit the doctor more often, take more medication and helping him choose options that make him become increasingly dependent on others, which encourage others to start making decisions about moving him from his home to a nursing home.

Or you can be like Dorothy.  At 70, her conversations are filled with what she's up to, who she's visiting, and what she's going to do.  You won't hear any mention of endless doctors visits in her plans.  If she has any aches and pains, she's not going to bore you with them.  She visualizes happy and healthy aging - that's the message she sends her brain: "I am healthy and well and can still live a wonderful active life thoughts".  She's still looking at exciting business options, she's still attending conferences, meeting new people and going new places.   She goes to a health club regularly, walks regularly and inspires others who love spending time with her.

Don't delay - start your body creating a new biology

Improve your heart coherence

Our heart changes how it beats (and thus our our body functions on a beat-to-beat basis) depending on whether we are visualizing fearful and negative aging situations, or loving and positive ones.  Besides, as your cells are literally eavesdropping on your thoughts, you become what you believe. We are our own health placebo. 

Barry's biology

Every time Barry thinks about his aches and his pains and how he's too old, he feeds disempowered and his body responds by producing the biochemistry of fear.  His heart reacts accordingly, so do his hormones.

Dorothy's biology

Each time Dorothy thinks about what she's planning for the day, she feels excited and her body responds by producing the biochemistry of excitement, her heart reacts accordingly and so do her hormones.

The healing power of guided imagery taps into and changes our biology because where you place your focus and what you believe is powerful.  

Start placing your focus on health 

Creative visualizations change genes

But here's the good news: using THIS powerful visualization exercise, you will transform your negative thinking into a positive attitude, you will change your body and activate your longevity gene.  I know creative visualization exercises can change genes - I've witnessed it firsthand.  Science calls it Epigenetics.  We have no twins in our family, on either side, but by using a daily visualization I changed my biology changed to create twins, not once, but twice.

It's like swallowing longevity in a pill without any negative side effects

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