Signal your cells for Health

The secrets to a happy healthy life aren't a secret when you know where to look for them! Those Centenarians already living happy and vital lives who are mentally sharp and have good health to 100+, hold the key.  Having studied them, I believe their health and wellness is less about genes and even lifestyle than about how they signal their cells.  It's about what song their cells are singing.

Buckminster Fuller says: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”  This new model- The Centenarian Code-  is what I use to transform all the groups and companies I work with.  It informs how I live my life and even what I choose to do as my give back to society. 

Implement the Centenarian Code for your Company Wellness

When your team truly 'get' that their cells are eavesdropping on their thoughts, motives and deeds and when they discover how this little known fact affects:

  • their health and longevity as well as
  • the health of our planet,

remarkable personal transformations happen in 'how' people tackle tasks and work.  The results will impact their lives and your business in measurable ways.

"Your training is life-changing" - Savannah.

"I've had lots of training but nothing as powerful as this." - Melissa

Live the Centenarian Code for a week and feel the difference

After just one week of stepping into a new biology, research participants saw their biological markers (skinfold thickness, vision, hearing, IQ and many more) dramatically improve.  Some tests after the week  had improved to a point where the results showed the participants had gained 25 years from when they started the experiment.  Without spending a dime on any miracle creams, they were also rated as looking vastly younger.  Join us at this fabulous event.

Giving back the Centenarian Code way

The Centenarian Code also informs how I choose to 'give back'.  'The Addie Project' makes my cells sing with joy.  It identifies children with 'Big' Diagnoses who are having awful and scary procedures medical procedures, and along with a healing house and an elf-helper,  empowers them to use the Centenarian code to change their Body-Song and kickstart their inner healing rainbow. 

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