Are you dreaming of living a full and vibrant life? A life that is natural, sustainable, affordable, happy and healthy?  But are you...

  • confused by the plethora of ever-changing 'healthy living tips'?
  • stressed and stuck in the rat race  
  • wishing to escape to a simpler, more natural life that doesn't cost a fortune? 
  • wanting to live closer to mother earth, AND create the life and health of your dreams.

Those people already living happy and vibrant lives who are mentally sharp and have good health to over 100+, who live good honest simpl lives hold the key.  We merely need to know how to tap into what they did unknowingly and apply it to our lives in order to live better longer! 

  • YOU are magical - do you know that?
  • YOU are  more powerful than you could ever imagine.
  • YOU have so much influence over your vibrational frequency.

With my system you and/or your company employees can  learn how to:

  • stress less, as well as be happier and healthier.
  • enjoy active wellness
  • be more content with what is natural and sustainable and take  joy in the simple things of life.  
  • stay vibrant and live better longer naturally and with less effort.  

Hi, I'm Cari, a South African trained Clinical Psychologist.  For 16 years I studied weight, body image and active living and wrote three books about my findings.  Then I studied natural building (made documentaries about it as well as building multiple structures) and learnt how to create a simple sustainable life of extreme contentment on a shoestring budget.  After a 5-year stint in middle management with a large corporate and a team of 300, I turned my attention to studying the healthy people who live to100+ to see what they have in common.  What I have discovered intrigued and surprised me. Now I'm combining everything I know and helping people and employees transform their own lives and the lives of their team members.  It's the most exciting work I've ever done.

Buckminster Fuller says: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”  This new model is what I want to share with you.

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