Your BodySong™   
signals your cells for health or disease
What song is your body singing?

The secrets to a happy healthy life aren't a secret when you know where to look for them! Outliers, like multiple personality patients, fire-walkers and those Centenarians already living happy and vital lives who are mentally sharp and have good health to 100+, hold the key.  Having studied them, I believe their health and wellness is less about genes and even lifestyle than about how they signal their cells.  It's about the song their cells are singing - their BodySong.

Buckminster Fuller says: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”  This new model- The BodySong Code-  is what I use to transform all the companies and groups I work with.  It informs how I live my life and even what I choose to do as my 'give back' to society.  

Get to the HEART of your brand and
have your organisation's heart be known!

When your team truly 'get' that their cells are eavesdropping on their thoughts, motives and deeds and when they discover how this little known fact affects:

  • their health and longevity 
  • the health of our planet,

remarkable personal transformations in 'how' people tackle tasks and work happens.  The personal BodySong changes they make as a result of this program, will impact their health and happiness, but will also enhance your organisations love affair with your clients.

"I've had lots of training but nothing as powerful as this." - Melissa

"Your training is life-changing" - Savannah

Let me be your BodySong Life Coach

Is your life a mess?  Are you spending more time creating the biochemical notes of fear than of contentment and happiness?  Do you need a BodySong makeover?  Let me help you, one-on-one, change your life from an anxious one of fear, negativity, depression and hopelessness to a color-filled one of peace, happiness, love and contentment.

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Do something to make your BodySong hum with joy....

Do a Fairy Garden Adventure 

Build a Fairy House for a Sick Child

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