What is a mantra for health?

A mantra for health combines two powerful ideas which, if created using a few simple principles, and used regularly, will literally change how you think and feel about the vision for your life.  It will change your BodySong (the vibratory consciousness you bring to your life and that you put out into the world).  Create a vision-filled health mantra you love and will improves emotional health and resilience especially during tough times.  Want me to help you create your own powerful mantra?

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I first created a version of the above-mentioned mantra in 2001 and I've been using some version of this mantra for health ever since.  It changes depending on what I want to focus on, or what mental state I want to create.   (The above is my 2023 version)

It's been a powerful way of creating a belief system that supports both my emotional and physical health.  It has changed over the years in order to serve me best.  Some of my biggest changes came as a result of writing my latest book, Your BodySong (all about health, happiness and longevity) and from information inspired by a soma journey. Every line has many layers of meaning, unique to me, embedded into it.  (Your's will have too)

In order to make sure I use my mantra daily I have used various tactics, amongst which are making a mind movie, and putting my mantra to a chanting song,   After all, what's a mantra for health if it's just something I write but then never actually use?  

Process for creating your mantra for health

  • We get together on zoom or using WhatsApp video chat
  • I'll take you through an exercise to establish what should be in your mantra
  • I'll help you craft and create a powerful mantra for health that feels 'just right'
  • We'll figure out what methods will work best for you to ensure you use it.
  • I can even make a mind movie for you!
  • I work on a donation basis, so you can contribute any amount your heart feels good about. 

To get started on creating your emotional resilience....


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