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Company wellness program

A tailor made company wellness program.

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Live better longer webinars

Live longer webinars are hosted periodically by Clinical Psychologist Cari Corbet-Owen

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health and wellness retreat - spiritual retreat

A fabulous 5-day health and wellness retreat. Leave feeling relaxed and invigorated. Cari Corbet-Owen-Owen

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The Addie Project

The Addie Project identifies children with 'Big' Diagnoses who are having awful and scary procedures done to them and empowers them.

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longevity, Health and wellness products

Looking for a longevity, health and wellness product? These healthy lifestyle products are all mind body holistic products that are all natural longevity tips. Cari Corbet-Owen

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Fight control for Magdalena

This land management grant will be awarded to a student who will work from April to Sept 2019 with mentors in the field of fire and land management and live free in the town of Magdalena NM

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Cob building - Active health and wellness

Cob building is active health and wellness. Let me show you how to build an earth pizza oven for pennies on the dollar. Cari Corbet-Owen-Owen

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FREE General Health Tips and quizzes

FREE general health tips and quizzes to live better longer. Cari Corbet-Owen

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A practical intuition longevity exercise

Use Laura Day's practical intuition exercise to help you achieve healthy longevity.

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Active health and wellness and cob building

Cob building is a path to active health and wellness. Attend our health wellness lifestyle retreat in September 2018. Learn cob building and how to achieve healthy longevity. Cari Corbet-Owen

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Cari Corbet-Owen-on natural health and longevity

Cari Corbet-Owen is a South African trained Clinical Psychologist, speaker, author and longevity expert.

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Natural Building and Wellness Workshop

A workshop on natural building and wellness

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Placebo healing - the ancient health secret

Placebo healing is an ancient health secret. People have remarkable recoveries, get well and stay well using the power of their own mindset stimulate self-healing. Cari Corbet-Owen-Owen

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Inspirational and motivational quotes on life

Inspirational and motivational quotes on life by Cari Corbet-Owen

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Quotes on love and life and quotes on attitude

Quotes on love and life and quotes on attitude to inspire you. Cari Corbet-Owen-Owen

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Quotes about body, weight and self-acceptance

These quotes about body, weight and self-acceptance will inspire you to think differently. Cari Corbet-Owen-Owen

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Healthy lifestyle quotes by cari sorbet-owen

Be inspired by these healthy lifestyle quote and inspirational quotes on life. Cari Corbet-Owen-Owen

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quotes on mind, quotes on mindset

These quotes on mind and mindset will inspire you to harness the power of your thoughts. Cari Corbet-Owen-Owen

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Longevity quotes by Cari Corbet-Owen

Quotes by Cari Corbet-Owen

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How to improve self confidence and live better longer

Self love is how to improve self confidence. When you value yourself, you walk taller, you have less self-doubt and you'll live better. Cari Corbet-Owen-Owen

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Binge eating disorder quiz

Take our binge eating disorder quiz to find out if you have a binge eating disorder, or a compulsive eating disorder.

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Take our poll.....

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achieving health and longevity with Cari Corbet-Owen

Interested in achieving health and longevity? Get your free ebook and free coaching coupon to work with Cari Corbet-Owen.

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Blue Zone Diet

Blue zone diet - we're commonly told it's the Mediterranean diet, but is it? Cari Corbet-Owen

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Stay young at heart

Stay young at heart, die as young as possible as late as possible. Learn how 80-year old Julia and 93-year old Ruth inspire us to write new stories. Cari Corbet-Owen-Owen

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The healing powers of love and touch

The healing powers of love are under-estimated when it comes to our health and longevity. Love is good or our heart and our immune systems too

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The power of subconscious mind

The power of subconscious mind: how to use it to your advantage to change your biology and your health.

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Best weight loss Plan - the one that leads to longevity

The best weight loss plan for health and longevity may be one diet pill companies don't want you to know about. Cari Corbet-Owen

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Why consciousness is 'the' longevity generator

Here's why consciousness is 'the' longevity generator. Wisdom from Bruce Lipton. Cari Corbet-Owen

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Ageless athletes in their old age

These ageless athletes will astonish and inspire you. A 98-year old yoga teacher, marathon runners and more. Cari Corbet-Owen

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