Are you dreaming of an active, healthy,
simple & sustainable way of living?

Setting for The Sanctuary community center

This off-the-grid camping retreat high in a magnificent canyon above the small artist village of Magdalena, offers both practical hands-on natural building experience along with fabulous experiential health and wellness learning. 

During the 5-day retreat you will:

1. Work on, and learn how to build a sustainable cob cottage for pennies on the dollar.

2. Plaster an earth pizza oven and get to bake bread and cook in it.

3.  You'll learn about the Centenarian Code and how to apply it to your own life.

 4. Participate in an experiential program to help you build the health and life of your dreams.

5. Awaken your creativity.

6. Go rock-hounding for magnificent crystals.

7. Learn to implement at least 10 of the astonishing longevity secrets of people who live to 100+ (centenarians).

8. Be nurtured with simple but *wholesome meals, eaten the way centenarians eat. 

9. Enjoy the sun on your back, the incredible bejeweled night sky, the great outdoors and off-the-grid living. 

10. Live close to mother earth and her rhythms and enjoy a sense of slowed down spaciousness.

11.  Fall into bed deliciously tired from having had an active body. 

12. Share rich connections and build lasting friends under the stars around a campfire. 

13. Be immersed in 360 beauty to feed and nurture your soul.

14. You will indulge your playful spirit, have fun, and enjoy being creative.

You will indulge your playful spirit and have fun
Plaster a pizza oven
Participate in active wellness
Nurture your creative spirit as your explore a life of your dreams

You will leave this health and wellness retreat workshop....

  • Feeling refreshed, renewed and invigorated.
  • With new skills and the confidence to use them.
  • With new passion, purpose and meaning in your life.
  • With a newfound respect for Mother Earth and her many blessings.
  • With your cells and soul singing.

We can only take the first 12  people to book and pay,
so don't delay - book today!

Both plans include: simple and nourishing *meals, snacks, teas and coffees, a spot to camp, taxes and the full workshop.  The difference is that when you choose the 'Pay only for food now option,' you determine how much you believe the workshop has been worth to you after you've attended it.  

*Due to the remoteness of this location we are unable to cater for specific dietary requirements but meals do offer vegetarian options.  All proceeds from this workshop will go towards restoring the land 'The Sanctuary' is built on with the longer term aim of putting it into a Land Trust for future generations to enjoy. For example the last participants contributions went to buying a culvert.

Grab the early bird special

We can only take the first 12  people to book and pay,
so don't delay - book today!

Grab the early bird special

And if you'd like to pay for the full workshop via installments please chat to me.

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