Dancing your way to a new future meditation

This is a 'dancing to a new future meditation'. That may strike you as a bit strange but for some of us, a sitting-still meditation doesn’t always work.  I've found that a moving meditation allows me to easily flow into that space of ‘losing myself.’   I've especially loved a moving meditation-visualization during COVID when some of my regular sources of movement (like my health club) have been closed. It was a great way to 'get my steps' in for the day.  Alternatively, you may just be looking to intersperse this dancing to a new future meditation with  your sitting-still meditation.

Whatever your reason...dancing to a new future is a powerful way to manifest what you want for your happiness and health!  This one is particularly powerful for a few reasons:

The power of meditation-visualization-prayer 

Don’t think of Meditation-Visualization-Prayer as something that’s a ‘spare wheel’ that you pull out from time to time.  Rather think of it as a ‘steering wheel’ that directs our transformation; that helps us in dance into a new future.  We need to BE the prayer we put out into the world, It needs to BEcome such a part of us that we live it with our eyes open, as we walk through life.

It’s a meditation-visualisation-prayer because I want you to have the best of all worlds.  I want you to have the benefits of what:

  1. meditation does to your brain:  different states of mind = different brainwaves. 
  2. visualisation does to create new biochemistry: happy visualisations = happy biology
  3. faith does to belief:  unshakable belief = the alignment of powerful forces of manifestation 

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The healing frequency of 528Hz

The music that accompanies this meditation has embedded into it the frequency of 528 Hz.  

Here's why I went to find a company that would specifically add this element in this dancing to a new future meditation.  Like strings and tuning forks, every human body cell has its own electromagnetic field and responds to frequency,  vibration and resonance.   The solfeggio scale has been used since ancient times for healing and 528 Hz is part of this 6-part scale.  It has been researched and explored by genetic biochemists that are currently using it in their labs to repair DNA that has been damaged.  

Change your neural wiring

The more your meditate/visualize/pray the future you want, the more you change both the architecture and neural wiring of the brain.  And scientists have measured these changes even in the beginner meditators brain.  In the instructions that come with the course, I include images of how a stressed brain changes its brain state when you first start and how as you continue, it changes in pretty dramatic ways after 8 weeks of regular mediation.  It’s pretty astounding.  But the brain states using this meditation-visualization regularly also allow you to be more effective at implementing changes.  It's pretty astounding.

In addition, this dancing into a new future meditation-visualization-prayer is designed to re-center, and bring our energy centres back into alignment.  These changes in both the placement and size of the energy centers can be measured using GDV (gas discharge visualizations); as can the energy field changes that surround our body.  Meditation-Visualization changes how full and complete the energy field around your body is as well.

You have nothing to lose & everything to gain

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