These Obesity Articles should make you question how weight really affects your health and longevity

The obesity paradox of our time in history all over the Western world, is that there is increasing research that shows that you do not have to be thin to enjoy longevity.  In fact, in the 90+ study, Dr. Claudia Kawas found that amongst the 6500 people she studied in their 90's, many of them are what we would consider to be 'overweight' (by current standards) at age 70. Doesn't that make you sit up and ask a few new questions?

And this is only one of the many researched weight paradoxes I investigate in this audio CD.  There are so many obesity articles that could lead us to a different conclusion about the role of weight in our health and longevity.  I've sifted through them and brought you the relevant ones so you don't have to.

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The irony is that we have more ‘slimming’ products, more slimming clubs, slimming products and diet foods and weight loss TVprograms than ever before, yet we also have rising obesity (by current standards) and eating disorders than ever before.  This is what it looks like on a graph.  The more we diet, the fatter we get!  Think about the implications of that.

Bacon et al. Int jnl of Obesity 2002

The obesity paradox of our times is that we have wider girths, yet narrower viewpoints about beauty and health

We have more low-fat, no fat, low sugar, no sugar products, yet increasing waistlines. 

The food paradox is that we have vastly more food choices, but more guilt and anxiety around eating.  

We have a stronger diet mentality, along with more food phobias, food obsessions and eating disorders.

We have rising levels of nutritional 'knowledge' , yet we have smaller levels common sense.  

We have more marathons, more gyms and health clubs and more guilt around not exercising.  

In these strange times of weight paradox, we have more apparent quick fixes, yet less time to be joy-filled. 

it's time to stop this nutty Obesity Paradox!!!

The diet paradox is that we have more weight experts, yet more weight 'problems'.  But we also have lesser known research showing that merely the stress of dieting shortens our DNA telomeres (those end 'caps' on our DNA) and the shorter our telomeres the less often they can divide.  The less often they can divide the less our longevity.

We have more diet pills, powders and potions, yet less wellness.

We laugh too little and please others too much. 

We comfort eat yet feel more agitated. 

We place more value on thinness, than on our already beautiful, awesome and fabulous selves. 

We diet to love ourselves, and yet body shame has grown.

We idolize size zero models as being the ideal, yet forget they are filled with insecurities and eating issues.

The wellness paradox is that we may have added years to life but we haven't added more living into years.

And ultimately in a paradox that should make you question everything that is said about obesity = disease and early death, in every single(!) country where obesity has increased, so too has life expectancy.  I have yet to find a country where this does not hold true.  Even the USA that has the fastest obesity increases has rising life expectancy.



How would life be different if you 'knew' a longevity secret very few did because you had the researched facts about weight and dieting?

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This audio CD will give you all the research to put you ahead of the game.  You'll be able to wow your friends with your knowledge.  It'll help you stress less which will help you achieve health and longevity. And it will allow you to stop all that frantic and stressful dieting.  You'll be able to relax a lot more and take better care of yourself.  Because, let's face it...who do you take care of better?  Someone you hate and are ashamed of - or someone you love and respect?