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Body-Wise zine, Issue #4 --Your emotional Eating triggers
June 08, 2015

Those Emotional Eating Triggers

Do you find yourself standing in front of the refrigerator or food cupboard, knowing you're not there because your body is hungry, but because of emotional reasons?

You know how it is.... you come back from the office where it's been overwhelmingly hectic and you've been so 'on the run' that you haven't had time to take care of, or nurture yourself, in anyway. As you put your briefcase down at the front door, your feet automatically make there way to the kitchen?

Or you've just put your baby down for a nap, you've given, and given and given of yourself and now it's time 'to give to yourself' and food seems like the easiest way to do that?

It's the anniversary of the death of someone you love (ps -it could be your beloved pet too), and in those moments it feels like your grief is so deep that the only way you can feed it is with something comforting - like a food you find yourself craving? Especially a food that links you to them?

You've just had an argument with a partner or friend and you're angrier than a spitting snake and without realizing it on a conscious level you're thinking...."Stuff you!" and then you head off to the kitchen and 'stuff yourself"?

You feel like you've let someone down and you're disappointed in yourself - and those uncomfy feelings need to be pushed down and away - and it's easier to feel bad about over-eating than to feel the guilt of having let someone down.

You've been 'good on your diet (PS.... you know diets don't work for real) or your exercise program' or you've passed that exam...and now you simply have to reward yourself....and what better way than to have a 'party in your mouth'? Even though you know that the way it'll make you feel isn't how you want to feel....

You can read more about Emotional Eating Triggers here and that will lead you to some ways to combat Emotional Eating as well.

Great Tips for Loving your Body

I loved my interview with Katcha Sanderson in which in this delightful small snippet she shares with me one of her secrets for loving her body. Just so delightful!

On that note - yesterday I was driving with a friend of mine who has recently taken to 'the law of attraction' - and she told me this story. She said that if her body wasn't working well - e.g. she had a tummy ache she was quick to focus on how her body wasn't working, on all the parts that seemed to be problematic. But when it was working just fine she did nothing and that seemed a bit unfair on it. So she started to turn her focus onto loving it and thanking it for all it could and did do for her. Her way of doing this.... she kisses the body parts she can reach. Like yesterday when we were driving she kissed each hand and thanked it for it's ability to hold a steering wheel and drive her places. Places she can't reach (like she had a niggely hip), she takes an eyeliner and draws a heart on it and sends it 'kisses.'

Our Self-Love Group

It's hard to believe that our self-love group has passed the halfway mark already. Such a great 'group of gals' journeying with me to test out new material and new ways of looking at things. I'm so excited with how it's progressing and am looking forward to tweaking the material based on their feedback >to make it the most powerful course to free your heart from the food and body war and live in peace and harmony with both food and yourself.

While this course is the next module up from the Mind over Fatter program - you may want to see the latest

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