Looking for weight loss secrets, health and longevity?

The secrets to weight loss, health and longevity, we've been told are to be found in:

  • weight loss pills, or medications that have the side effect of possibly losing weight
  • strictly following any myriad of diets or 'lifestyle changes'
  • in counting calories
  • in monitoring micronutrients and eating super-foods
  • in jumping on a scale one or more times a day
  • in joining a gym or health-club and actually going to the classes.

 But what if that advice is just plain wrong?  

If diets worked so well - why do we keep on having to go on them?  Are you a dieter who can relate to the futility of Sheree's email: "I have lost over 100 lbs at least 3 times....and needless to say, the weight came back on. I've done every diet imaginable and have been doing them my whole life." (16 April 2008)  So we know from this oft-repeated lament that going on diets is not the secret to weight loss.

When I look at weight loss advice, as well as health advice, I try to find a way to cut through the confusion and the way I do that is to  look at the lives of centenarians.

If weight loss pills are one of the secrets to weight loss and longevity, then how come they aren't commonly taken by people who are living healthily to over 100?  And why don't I come across people who have lives to over 100 who count calories, strive to eat superfoods, are vegans or obsess about and monitor micronutrients?  

Rhonda Byrne in 'The Secret' shares her secrets to weight loss when she says that the more focused you are on losing weight, the more you will attract back to you having to lose weight. In other words - stop focussing on what you want to lose and focus on what you want to gain - HEALTH! Stop buying into the belief that you're one morsel away from disease, (there is no need as you can see here).  Instead start focussing on how you can have health at every size and as you do that the secret is that weight loss will happen automatically if your body needs to.  

The Secrets to weight loss just aren't anything like what the dieting industry would want you to believe.

Mind over Fatter Secret #1:

Stop trying to torture your body and instead, work on your mind.  When I wrote the Mind over Fatter Program, I wrote it because I knew that if you're trying to make healthy food or exercise choices because you feel you 'have to' but you're hating every moment of it, it's only a matter of time before you throw in the towel.  But what happens when you're able to change so that you're choosing foods not because they're going to make you lose weight, but because you want to feel vibrant and healthy?  Psychologically there is a huge difference between doing things because you 'have to' and because you 'want to.'  Have to's take willpower, and are a constant struggle.  But when you have a mind-makeover, then your body can follow more easily.  Want to's pull you along.  Think...saved dollars, and no more feelings of deprivation or dieting anguish.

Secrets to Weight Loss and Longevity #2:

Centenarians don't go to the gym, they don't do crossfire  or exercise or build muscle obsessively, but they do keep their bodies naturally active and strong.  But the simple fact is that muscle utilizes more energy to stay alive than fat does.  This does not mean you need to rid your body of all fat - we need fat, women more so than men.  But the secret to weight loss is that if exercise has always been a bore and a chore for you - you need to change your mind (I told you this was about mind over fatter) so that exercise and being active can be fun and enjoyable and most importantly something you look forward to doing.  Want to know how to do this?  Remember how much we loved to run, jump, skip and hop as children?  It wasn't about 'doing it right' it was about being goofy, and having fun. How do you recapture this fun way of making active living into body-fun?  How can you insert small bits of body-fun into your day every day?

Healthy Weight Loss Secret #3:

I want to tell you about some fascinating research done by Dr. Ellen Langer and her team at Harvard.  They took 84 hotel maids from two hotels.  These were people who were active all day long, lifting, bending, sweeping, walking up flights of stairs etc.... When they spoke to them most said they didn't exercise.  Well they were exercising, only they didn't consider what they were doing day in and day out as exercise.  Dr, Langer and her team wanted to see what would happen if all they changed was the hotel maids BELIEF that what they were doing was exercise.  So half the maids were taken to a gym and shown how with all their lifting, bending etc....that they were indeed doing more exercise every day than the surgeon general recommended was needed.   The maids didn't exercise any more than previously, but just 'knowing' that what they were doing was considered exercise, the group of maids that had been educated after 1 month had waist sizes that had reduced by up to 10% and health and longevity measures like blood pressure had improved.

Weight Loss Secret #4

The law of attraction also holds other secrets for weight loss. Author of 'The Secret' Rhonda Byrne says: "...the condition of being overweight was created through your thought to do it... if someone is overweight, it came from thinking "fat thoughts," whether that person was aware of it or not. A person cannot think 'thin thoughts' and be fat. It completely defies the law of attraction."

According to the law of attraction, the more the world focuses on the 'problem of fat' and 'the battle of the bulge' and 'losing weight' - the better job we're doing at getting fatter. You only have to look at the worldwide statistics of rising obesity to see that.  

Rhonda Byrne says this about food: "The most common thought that people hold...is that food was responsible for my weight gain... Food is not responsible for putting on weight." It is your thought that food is responsible for putting on weight that actually has food put on weight...Let go of all those limiting thoughts. Food cannot cause you to put on weight unless you think it can."


We've been dieting ourselves fatter. 

Strive for Health Gain Not Weight Loss

If you haven't done the mental work, you might have a temporary improvement but how long will it last if you haven't made the attitude changes to support you going forwards?

Using the powerful secrets to weight loss principles in the Mind over Fatter program, you can go to:

  • the size that feels right for your unique body;
  • from being food- and body-obsessed; from stuffing and starving, losing and regaining to....
  • calm and peaceful with no angst about your eating or your body.

    I don't want you to pass up on these Secrets to Weight loss and be the one to say:

    If I had my life to live all over again....I’d have spent less time…

  • worrying about calories, and more making each breath count.
  • die(t)ing and a more laughing, living and loving 
  • thinking exercise is a bore and a chore – and I’d play much more instead
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