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Body-Wise zine, Issue #6--Am I fat? How do I love myself?
July 15, 2015

Ever wondered..."Am I fat?" and "How do I love myself?"

Women are constantly bothered with the question "Am I overweight?" (and in fact... in most instances...even when they are obviously not, the mirror says: "Yes I'm a fat." That's because in this thin-obsessed culture we live in, you can never be too thin apparently.

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Yet slowly we're seeing some changes.

-Countries like Spain, France and Israel are banning too skinny models,

-Some companies are now stopping the use of photo-shopped models, and...

-With the signing of Tess Holliday ( a plus size model somewhere between size 22-26) to Milk Model company - ......

the body positive movement is breaking new ground.

Is thinking we're Fat a problem?

What we don't take into account is anytime we live worrying about dieting, worrying about our weight, we're putting our bodies in a stressful stateand newer research is starting to believe that ongoing stress may be more dangerous to your health than the weight itself.

Virgie Tovar says:
Lose the Hate, not the Weight

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So you may be better off focussing on losing the self-hate instead of the weight as Virgie Tovar told me when I interviewed her recently. She spoke to me about her work and how she went about changing her life from a starving herself and hardly living, to living a fabulous life even at 250 pounds.

The Self-Love Diet

For the last 12 weeks, a group of women have been testing out The Self-Love Diet. We've covered some exciting ground and we've come a long way in how we think about hate of our weight, how that affects our lives and our health and how we move from self-loathing to self-loving. The exciting news is that in the next few weeks - this life-changing program is going to be released, and no matter where you are in the world you'll be able to do it. If you're interested in joining our waiting list, you can do that here. This was what two of the fabulous women (Bee and Julie) in the group came up with to describe it....

body wise product

Libra Forde - on How to Love yourself

And then I interviewed Motivational Speaker, Libra Forde, (P.S.. both clips will move you, but it's the second one I'm referring to) who blew me away. She was 6 ft 5 by age 11, and as you can imagine, she was bullied and teased then she landed up in an abusive marriage and in this 12-minute clip she talks about how she grew her spirit from a 3 ft one to a 6 ft 5 one... This is one you'll want to share with your sons and daughters and grand-children too.

I'm in love with myself

And PS.....anytime you want to access all the wonderful video interviews I'm doing you'll find them on a new button from my home page - yeah! And watch out for my wonderful interview with Karen Koenig, author or 6 books on food and feelings as well...powerful stuff!

With love and laughter

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