HAES video interviews 

Lynae Klinginsmith - not your ordinary Dietician.

Jes Baker - hear her roar!

Regan Chastain on Dancing with Fat

Evelyn Tribole on Intuitive Eating

Isabel Foxen Duke on Women and Body Image

traci mann, eating lab

Traci Mann on the myth of willpower

melissa fabello interview

Melissa Fabello on Riots not Diets


Lindsey Averill on the making of Fattitude - The Movie

Karen Koenig on Normal Eating, food and feelings

Jean Fain on why The Self Compassion Diet produces better results

Linda Bacon on Health at Every Size

Lucy Aphramor on Size Stigmatization

Hilary Kinevay on Body Shame

Virgie Tovar on Am I Fat?

Libra Forde on how to love yourself

Katcha Sanderson on her 'dear body'

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