A Mind over Fatter
stop dieting webinar

Mind over Fatter workshop

Mind over Fatter groups used to meet in person and this was wonderful but also very limiting for the many people who wanted to attend but couldn't either because they didn't live in the area or because the times we held our groups didn't suit them. But with the advent of technology we can now hold these stop dieting webinars online so that you can do them from the comfort of your own home, and we can have participants from all over the world join us.

Mind over Fatter stop dieting webinars are currently closed to new participants. But sign up for our Self Love Body News so that I can let you know when it'll be opening again.

These stop dieting webinars are Life-Changing

How do a Mind over fatter webinars for emotional processing and personal development change people's lives?

• Because they are held in an attitude of love, respect and honouring of each person's Sacredness, the space created is safe and nurturing. As a result the telling and witnessing of stories shared, tend to be deep, meaningful AND powerfully life-changing. However, each participant is encouraged to only share within their own comfort level.

• This mutual sharing enriches helps every participant's rewrite their personal story along the way. In this way, a group experience achieves a richness that is impossible to achieve working alone.

• A Mind over Fatter stop dieting webinar helps you live more joyfully by working though the lesser known deeper issues that have been keeping you trapped in Diet city.

• They are hope-generating, inspiring and uplifting.

• They kickstart an incredible journey -- a pilgrimage within during which time you’ll re-discover your own power and wisdom and how to nourish yourself with a self-love diet.

The nitty gritties
of our stop dieting webinars

Because they work at such a deep level, Mind over Fatter stop dieting webinars along with our private support group (only for participants), are extremely powerful. Participants come together as strangers, and leave as life-long friends, supporters and travel companions

The Mind over Fatter program

How much have you invested in diets that haven't worked?

I can't tell you how much I wasted on diet pills and diet programs. If only I'd spent that money on my own personal growth so much more would have changed so much quicker than just my yo-yo'ing weight. And here's the best part....you can attend the Mind over Fatter stop diet webinars with just a computer and google hangouts. Pretty wonderful that you can attend a health webinar without even leaving home. Remember, a journey of a thousand steps starts with the first step and right now you're just one step away from the most amazing journey.

Our Mind over Fatter stop dieting webinars are currently closed to new participants but sign up for our Self-Love Body News to get on our waiting list.

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