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healthy longevity and how to achieve it

Sorry, no tickets available - this is a private event.  Please note this event may be video recorded.

Date:  September 5th, 2017

Time:  2.30- 3.30pm

Venue:  The Ballroom at Fairway Village, Vancouver, WA

living longer and stronger

FREE and open to the public - this talk may be recorded.

Date: 21st September, 2017

Time:  10am - 11.15am (includes a QA and meet with Cari)

Venue: Lakeshore Athletic Club

living to 100. how do they do it?


Date:  Saturday September 30, 2017

Time: 10:30-11:30 am

Venue:  Camas Library

Cost:  FREE to the public


Please note this presentation may be recorded.  Open to women interested in finding out more about soroptmists. 

Date: 17th October, 2017

Time: 7pm

Venue:  Soroptimists International of Camas/Washougal @Zions Lutheran Church in Camas

Keep your brain young

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC: Please note, this event will be video-recorded

Do you want to have a smart, healthy and happy brain that stays young?

Save the date!  October 20th, 2017 from 12H30 to 1pm.

Venue:  Firstenburg Community Center

Price:  FREE to members and $7.00 drop-in fee for others (pay at front desk)

weight, health and longevity

Please note this event will be video recorded

Weight, Health and Longevity

Save the date!  January 26th, 2017 from 12H30 to 1pm.

Venue:  Firstenburg Community Center

Price:  FREE to members and $7.00 drop-in fee for others (pay at front desk)

your natural health and longevity program

Do you want to know how to create great health? How to get rid of all the confusion about what really creates health and what doesn't?  This powerful program is based on the 45 ways of being that Centenarians (those people who live to 100+) across the glob have in common.

What do those who live to 100+ have in common?

Date:  28 October, 2017

Venue: Battleground Library

FREE to the general public

With all the confusing health messages how do you know what’s really true?  You study what those who live longest across the world who have different cultural preferences and different creeds to see what they have in common.  It may surprise you to know that it’s not what we are commonly lead to believe keeps us healthy.

The American Association of University Women is an organization of women college graduates dedicated to helping women find greater opportunities to use their education, as well as promoting and assisting other women's college attendance.  

March 10th, 2018  

I apologize this is a closed private event.  No tickets for sale.

past events

This event is a FREE Vancouver community event.

Date:  July 14th, 2017

Place: Firstenburg community Center on 136th street (in the community room - turn left through entrance and walk all the way to the end)

Time: 12.30 - 1.30pm

the key secret to health and longevity

'keep young fabulous hat party'

As I study the lives of Centenarians (those people around the globe who live to over 100) to see what they have in common across cultures and creeds, I’ve isolated about 45 things they do that I believe keep them so young and healthy.  Many of their healthy ways of being are things we seldom hear mentioned in the same breath as health and oddly, much of what we’re sold as ways of being healthy they don’t practice.

Here are a few:

  • They would register high on any laugh-meter, they laugh easily and often.  
  • They are both the teased and the teasers and they’re pretty sharp with their comebacks.  However, any teasing is filled with affection and gentle warmth.  
  • They love get-togethers, especially ones of a celebratory type.  Any excuse to jump in and get involved in fun events is high on their list of priorities.  
  • They are young at heart and they especially love to have fun.  

So…..if you want to start your own personal campaign to revolutionize your health plan and age well here’s where to start: wear a quirky hat (the more outrageous and fun, the better) and dress up and dance at Esther Short Park on August 17th at the sunset concert (from 6-8pm) sponsored by the Riverview Community Bank.  Feel free to bring anything you want to eat and drink and join the pic-nickers. Scout out, and connect with fellow hatters, swop your ‘hat’ stories and dance to the ’60's to today music’ of Coolade!  The more the merrier, so invite everyone you know, young and old.   I dare your hat to be a little ‘out there!’ Then mingle and make some new friends.

the natural-health walking safari

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Kindly Cari

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