Looking for a Longevity, health and wellness  product? 


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Create your own health and longevity 

longevity visualization

This meditation, worksheet and instruction CD will help create health and longevity? It will teach you how to start consciously re-program your biology 


Stress less and live longer? 

Stress Anxiety Management

This online home study course will help you understand how to master your brain, manage your stress and achieve health and longevity. 


Together... we live and age better

This audio CD will teach you the value of connection and community when it comes to living and aging well.  

live longer and stronger

Your Health, Weight & a few questions

obesity paradox

This CD gives you incredible research about weight and health that you just won't find anywhere else.


A JOY-FILLED BODY: Eat! Play! Love and Live Light!

In The Joy-Filled Body: Eat! Play! Love and Live Light! you'll tackle emotional eating,  you'll get strategies to escape food jail, exercise hell and live a rich and fulfilling life in your 'now-body'.


Ernie says.... please forgive us while some of our products of being improved and revamped

Mind over Fatter Program - Being relaunched soon.

The Mind over Fatter program is a practical hand on step-by-step guide to help you lose weight naturally and cultivate a relaxed relationship with food, exercise and eating.

Cracking your Body's Health Code - Being relaunched soon

This 6-week home study course will teach you how to understand your body's biology and control it.

The Self-Love Diet - Being Relaunched soon

This 12-week 'Self-Love Diet' online study course will change the way you value yourself, the way you speak to yourself and help you produce health-enhancing biochemistry.  

Mom, Pass the Broccoli - Being relaunched soon

Mom, Pass the Broccoli will empower your child or grandchild with healthy eating habits for life.

The amazing Reflex-o-Board

cobblestone walking

The Reflex-o-Board , from the letters I have seen from clients, achieves some pretty remarkable healing ranging from Arthritis to Varicose veins and everything in between!  

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The Green Eating Guide includes ways to help your children (and family) learn -in a playful fashion - about food.  Play games as a way of learning to listen to your body and as a way to change your families eating habits.  Contact me for more details about when this series of 3 webinars be opening for new registrations.

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