want to know all the secrets to longevity?

I’m an author, speaker and a longevity expert.  Since I qualified as a Clinical Psychologist (in South Africa), I’ve become a master researcher, scouring journals for the most cutting edge science on those who live to over 100.  I first researched weight and health for  decades (and wrote 3 books about it) - only to become convinced we can be healthy at a vastly larger range of weights than we've been told.  But in order to understand 'why' I had to study quantum physics,neuroplasticity, heart coherence, molecules of emotion, the biology of belief, the wisdom of our cells, epigenetics, psychoimmunology and more.  

I want you to age well

 I then studied how centenarians lived their lives and tying all this storehouse of knowledge together, I understood that how Centenarians chose to live their lives affects their biology.  These days it's my privilege to help people learn how they can get their biology to mimic that of those who live to over 100 so they too can liver and age well and enjoy healthy longevity.

My clients have made me who I am

I’ve only had the privilege of being an author, speaker and longevity expert because my clients have allowed me the privilege of working with them to break through their invisible barriers to health and longevity.  Their thirst for knowledge and their challenging of what I presented always made me dig deeper and come up with thought-provoking new theories about health and aging for the health-conscious.  Here's what some of them say.

You don't have to do the research, I've already done it for you. I’ve taken all this amazing research on weight, quantum physics, people who live the longest along with research on the power of our thoughts and intentions, the biology of our beliefs, heart coherence, neural plasticity, epigenetics, the power (biochemically) of love and compassion and come up with transformative and practical solutions which make my health and wellness programs unique.  Here is some of the work I've been privileged to do with companies and in the media.  And yes...I've learned to take myself a whole lot less seriously (including smiling at some of the nonsense I've read about myself) - having fun and poking fun at ourselves are great health tips and practices Centenarians indulge in often.  

why Having happy cells is important 

Why live a small and stressed life when you can live a large and vibrant one?  Why live with the health-eroding biochemistry of self-judgement and self-hatred when you can be weird, be silly, be kind and dance with purple glitter in your hair and create health-enhancing biochemistry?  Why waste time calorie- counting when you could count joy-filled crazy moments instead? Why eat processed diet- food when there is so much to eat that is delicious and nutritious and fun? 

Admit it, you're dying to know how to harness the incredible power you already possess so you can enjoy create a healthy lifestyle filled with laughter, love which create health and wellness. 

If you're open to new ideas, and secrets to longevity health tips that may startle you, you’re in the RIGHT place!  If you're just looking for the same old, same old health advice you find everywhere else - I'm going to say....'blessings but this site probably isn't going to do it for you.'