Those people around the globe who have longevity....
How do they maintain good health and sharp brains?

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Learn the surprising longevity secrets I've  gleaned about the biology, health and habits of Centenarians from around the globe having:

  • lived with one,
  • interviewed them,
  • read their life stories,
  • travelled to study longevity 
  • dived into academic research

Then studied how to mimic their biology!


let me help you create the health habits and biology
of those who live long and strong lives 

alternative spiritual health coaching

that a Harvard study, found that by signaling their biology that they were 20 years younger for a week,  70-80 year old participants were able to biologically REVERSE AGING?  Once you understand your mind-body-health connection and quantum medicine, you can create your own longevity too!

secrets to longevity, longevity lifestyle

....that moment by moment we are determining the biology of our cells, the functioning of our immune systems, how our heart beats and even which of our genes are switched on. Those who live forever may not have known consciously how to program their genes for longevity, but with my system, you'll learn how.

 “It is not primarily our physical selves that limit us but rather our mindset about physical limits.  Now I accept none of the medical wisdom regarding the courses diseases must take as necessarily true.”

-Prof Ellen Langer in 'Counterclockwise'

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