I'm proud to announce....finally... the launch of something special...something I've been working on for a long time.... something that I think is going to make an enormous difference to many many families (yay!). So if you simply are too curious to wait, you could scroll down to the end....

But let me give you a clue, it has to do with the epidemic of childhood obesity which is the reason why my latest book, 'Mom, Pass the Broccoli' was commissioned. It's a book that has even found it's way to the White House because with Michelle Obama's focus on childhood obesity they need all the help they can get!

Look, let's face it, there's got to be something wrong that we're doing wrong if childhood obesity has reached such alarming proportions in the Western world because as I write in Mom, pass the broccoli: "Many of us have heard for so long that we need to eat less, but amongst 10-year-old French children, daily calorie intake has reduced from about 2 326 kcal in 1978 to 2 108 kcal in 1995, and yet their obesity levels have increased. What? Yes, it makes one think, doesn’t it? Although the fat and overall calorie intake of 1950s children was higher, their calories were natural and vastly superior, children were a lot more active, had less stress and got more sleep than the children of the 1990s."

What sparked the writing of this book was that anytime I gave a workshop for Shape or some other magazine what struck me was that the majority of questions always came from Moms frantic about helping their children eat healthy or frantic about their weight. Researching Mom, Pass the Broccoli took 5 years, but what I discovered was quite startling and the solution to childhood obesity turns out to be something totally different than most people ever imagine.

But let's face it....if we'd found the solution yet we wouldn't still have childhood obesity figures growing in leaps and bounds - would we? So, I've taken Mom, Pass the Broccoli and given you a really simple guide to help you children eat healthy and have healthy happy bodies.

So what is it I'm launching??? Drumroll! It's a product made with love and enjoyment, taking my time to make it really beautiful. It's The Coloured Hand Eating Guide which is back to basics, down to earth simple way to teach ourselves and children 4 simple, practical rules of eating that will change our lives. There's no fancy schmany marketing schpiel or packaging - it's just an honest product that is pretty simple yet revolutionary in it's approach.

To beat childhood obesity - get your copy of Mom, Pass the Broccoli and The Coloured Hand Eating guide! With warm Mind over Fatter regards


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I got the link to your website from the SBI website forum and decided to take a peek. Excellent information here. I especially like the page about sleep and weight , as well as the info on international weight research . Keep up the good work. I love your bright, cheery logo :)
Catherine - New Hampshire,USA

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Mind over Fatter

I really love the idea of doing some 'head stuff' tweaking instead of dieting. This is a GREAT website, loaded with unusual information.
Linda-Tampa, Florida

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The Joy-Filled Body

I LOVE this website. It's really thought-provoking, it's given me ideas about dieting and weight loss that I would never have contemplated. It makes such sense in a world where much about dieting doesn't. Bravo! I also loved your quizzes. I will be a repeat visitor. PS I have signed up for your free Joy-Filled Body Tips.
Jackie - San Rafael, California

children eating healthy

Get your Child to Eat
Healthy the easy peasy way

Love your site... it's wonderfully creative. It comes alive and makes me want to live a more joy-filled life and the added bonus is that it is also incredibly wise.
Tatiana - New Mexico

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The Green Eating Guide

I am a university-bound teenager from the United States. Two years ago I was diagnosed with anorexia, a battle that eventually found me in the hospital.Dieting has robbed me of too much time. I found this website by chance. I've spent a lot of time browsing through articles and reading stories. It has changed my attitude and made me want to be MY ideal weight, not someone else's. Thank you to all the contributors and readers of Mind over Fatter. I deeply appreciate everything you do.(abridged by Cari)
Zoe - United States

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Stop Food Fights

I can't believe Oprah hasn't interviewed you on her show yet!
Steve Trimby- Somerset West, South Africa

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Healthy recipes for Kids

I spent a little time looking at your website and I think it's fabulous! It's so good to see a SENSIBLE approach to weight loss on the web. Well done!Katherine -Australia

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Food Advertising Lies

It's easy in our society today to feel that our value is determined by the number on the scale. I am encouraged to change my mind so I can love myself for who I am not how much I weigh. Thank you so much for your website. It is such an inspiration to me!
Thank you! Rachel, USA

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