In this BODY AWARENESS issue




• What is good fat vs what is bad fat?

• When we’re having one of those ‘body awareness –fat-days’ – could it possibly be impacting on your health?

• Why aren’t there eating disorders in Nudist villages?

• Is there a link between obesity and global warming?

• Who is creating your bad body awareness?

A special for EXPECTANT MOTHERS – a time when body awareness can be ultra strong:

• What is fat-gain and what is baby-gain?
• What about dieting during pregnancy?
• Your baby, chemicals and obesity.


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The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking.(Albert Einstein)

We all have imperfections that we believe cause people to shun us. If only we had a prettier face or a better body, or more of this or less of that, people would like us better. Not so! People will only judge you for these things if they are the things by which you judge yourself.

When you feel good about yourself, it doesn’t occur to you that you’ll be rejected because of your shortcomings – and when you don’t act as if you’re rejectable, others won’t either.

If you’re in a place where body awareness is crowding in on you and believe you’re judged only by your exterior- what is much more true is that you haven’t been able to dig below your own surface to see the beautiful Sacred Being who doesn’t have to get more beautiful because your already are beautiful.



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When we’re having a ‘fat day’ what is happening to our biochemistry and how does that affect your health? This may surprise you!

Did you know that you don’t get eating disorders in Nudist villages? If you’re curious about why that may be when you’d think it was a time that body awareness would reign supreme read this


These are also thought-provoking articles I thought you might like to read and add your comments to:

Are obesity and global warming linked? Actually, this got me a bit hot under the collar.

Who is creating your bad body awareness? Hmmm... makes you think!


And do you know ANYONE WHO IS PREGNANT? Our new section on pregnancy has ‘must reads’ for expectant Mother’s:

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to find out what is fat-gain and what is baby-gain? And how does knowing this help with your body awareness?

Click here
to find out how being baby-wise help you not to diet during pregnancy and how do your food choices impact on your unborn baby

click here
to read about research that thinks exposing your unborn baby to chemicals found in packaging may lead to obesity



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