1001 health secrets based on
'The Centenarian Code'

Imagine 1001 health secrets based on people already living long and strong lives to over 100+ with sharp mind and no health problems.... that's what this workshop offers you.  

For the past few years I've been studying the lives of people who are already living to over 100 and what I've discovered has amazed and surprised me.  

When I understood what Centenarians do naturally, I wanted to understand how it affected their biology. I did a deep dive into journals to find information that could explain what I discovered and that was even more fascinating. 

All this led to knowledge about how to mimic what centenarians do unconsciously.  That's what you need to know.

Here are some of the myths we're going to dispel in this one day workshop:

You may think it's their diet.  It's not!   But 'HOW' they eat reveals something amazing.

You may think they're all marathon runners, or spend hours in the gym.  Think again!

You may believe they're all thin.  Um....not so fast.  This is really amazing.

You may assume they go for regular health check-ups, slug back smoothies and vitamins.  You'd be wrong!

You may even suppose they are health-obsessed, and continually 'trying' to improve their health, but this wasn't what I found either.

The new plan you'll leave with

I call what I've found 'The Centenarian Code' because what Centenarians do is simple. It'll change the way you look at your health!  

You'll know how to signal your cells to create health and wellness.  

You'll know how to introduce subtle changes to your biology that over many years will make an enormous difference to your overall health and longevity.  

And I'll give you a clue...it's less about what you do than 'HOW' you do it.  It's less about your human DO'ings than it is your human BE'ingness!  You'll know 3 ways to apply this to your own life before you leave.

Let me give you an example:

You may believe that controlling diabetes is only possible via diet and exercise.  But one person I worked with, applying what I'd learnt about health was able to change her blood sugar levels in pretty remarkable ways without changing anything in her diet or exercise regime.  One week shows Jen's readings 5-minutes apart without our small intervention, the other shows her readings when she signaled her cells in a different way for a mere 5 minutes.

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