Let me tell you about Jen.  She grew up with a father who was the mayor of their small town.  An important person in his small town - an important person in Jen's life.  But while the small town saw him as someone they could trust - to Jen though, he was an abuser who would creep into her bed at night.  

She struggled with confidence, and started hating her body at an early age.  Her BodySong was singing a funeral dirge.  She started her first diet when she was 12.  She would lose weight, then she'd gain it back plus more.  Then a new diet would come along and she'd start the cycle all over again.  Every time she gave up on yet another diet she berated herself for being the weak-willed failure.   Her confidence plummeted her BodySong was singing a funeral dirge instead of a merry Mozart.  Jen 'knew' she wasn't living the life she wanted, but she felt trapped  Her marriage took strain, she got divorced, plus she discovered she had diabetes. Nothing except taking medication seemed to work.  But she didn't want to be on medication.  She felt hopeless because her belief was that the ONLY way she could correct her blood sugar levels was diet and exercise.  

We uncovered her fears ... :  

  • "I'm too fat to be healthy."  
  • "I'm so fat my diabetes is going to get worse."   
  • "I'm never going to see my grandchildren."  
  • "I can't control my diabetes - it's going to land up killing me."  

Basically Jen was in a storm of shame, self-blame and felt hopeless and disempowered.  What she didn't realize was that she was creating her own negative biology, not just with her diet and lack of exercise....but in a much more profound way because it's CONSCIOUSNESS THAT CREATES OUR BIOLOGY.

Have you ever felt disempowered?  Like nothing you do seems to get the results you want?  

Without even realizing it, you might be what's standing in your own way.   And here's the thing, you can keep doing what you’re doing or you can work with me in which case there’s actually a chance you could have new conversations and produce new result ok


  • I shared with her some incredible research done with Peruvian and Japanese women that helped her understand how her thoughts were impacting her biology. 
  • This was new information to challenge her belief system.
  • Then I gave her a simple way to change her biology 
  • And we measured what happened


Look at this table:  When she only followed the diet she needed to,  her blood sugar reading went UP.

When she changed her BodySong, her  - her blood sugar went DOWN

Now, what about you?  How can you change your BodySong?

When you change your beliefs - you change your self-talk and you change your biology and that it has impact on your BodySong and your levels of health and happiness.

If I look at the 60 odd things that I've isolated about centenarians that leads to their health and longevity, it's all about their habits of being, which are governed by their habits of thought.  You can achieve health and vitality by mimicking the biology they create unconsciously.  You're going to learn how to do that consciously - I'll teach you how to do that. 

So the question becomes are you going to keep repeating the same old patterns or are you going to do something different?

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