1. John Kehoe on I want to love myself
2. Want to share your story about your attempts at loving yourself? I want to hear them.
3. How to live in a more joy-filled body

I want to love myself....but it's so hard!

Ok so I've adapted (quite a lot) a few lines form John Kehoes book "A Vision in Power and Glory" that someone shared in the Mind over Fatter online forum :

Self-love is not vanity. It is as necessary to our being as air and food. It is our duty to love and accept ourselves deeply, totally, unconditionally.

We must learn to love and appreciate the miracle we already are at this very moment. Our search for meaning and harmony in the universe can begin nowhere else but with ourselves.
Wounds heal when we forgive ourselves and others for our humanness.
We are special and beautiful because of our humanness, not in spite of it. Now that's ah 'aha moment.'

Share your 'I want to love myself' story What all have you done in an attempt to love yourself? And how has it worked? Why not share your story here - it can help another? It may be a weight loss story, or a self-esteem story, or just a story about how you remembered your specialness.

We need at all times to remember that there is no-one who is more beautiful, more worthy of love or more magestic than us (or anyone else). We are all equally amazing and when you see that in yourself, you'll see it in everyone else. When you can treat yourself as the amazing Being that you are, others will feel that energy and respond in kind and then.... you won't feel the insecure need to make yourself 'more beautiful' than the natural you. You might still like to wear makeup and dress in the latest fashions but you won't NEED to in order to feel worthy. They'll be mere decorations instead of determining how you feel about yourself.

3. How to live in a more joy-filled body

You'll no longer feel a need to treat your body as if it were an 'out of order' enemy, you'll stop fixating on everything that is wrong with it. Instead you'll be able to relax into it and stop the never-ending struggle that hating it entails.

When the struggle to love yourself disappears - you'll have so much more energy freed up to be all that you want to be, to take on projects you might never have dreamed of and you'll be far to 'full' of life, living and loving to have to fill yourself from the outside with food and your body will settle into it's own rhythms and reach the size and shape that is naturally and uniquely right for you.

For more ideas and exercises on how to love yourself click here.

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Here's to being able to look yourself squarely in the mirror with kind eyes and to say to yourself "I love you".


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I got the link to your website from the SBI website forum and decided to take a peek. Excellent information here. I especially like the page about sleep and weight , as well as the info on international weight research . Keep up the good work. I love your bright, cheery logo :)
Catherine - New Hampshire,USA

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Mind over Fatter

I really love the idea of doing some 'head stuff' tweaking instead of dieting. This is a GREAT website, loaded with unusual information.
Linda-Tampa, Florida

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The Joy-Filled Body

I LOVE this website. It's really thought-provoking, it's given me ideas about dieting and weight loss that I would never have contemplated. It makes such sense in a world where much about dieting doesn't. Bravo! I also loved your quizzes. I will be a repeat visitor. PS I have signed up for your free Joy-Filled Body Tips.
Jackie - San Rafael, California

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Love your site... it's wonderfully creative. It comes alive and makes me want to live a more joy-filled life and the added bonus is that it is also incredibly wise.
Tatiana - New Mexico

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The Green Eating Guide

I am a university-bound teenager from the United States. Two years ago I was diagnosed with anorexia, a battle that eventually found me in the hospital.Dieting has robbed me of too much time. I found this website by chance. I've spent a lot of time browsing through articles and reading stories. It has changed my attitude and made me want to be MY ideal weight, not someone else's. Thank you to all the contributors and readers of Mind over Fatter. I deeply appreciate everything you do.(abridged by Cari)
Zoe - United States

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I can't believe Oprah hasn't interviewed you on her show yet!
Steve Trimby- Somerset West, South Africa

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Healthy recipes for Kids

I spent a little time looking at your website and I think it's fabulous! It's so good to see a SENSIBLE approach to weight loss on the web. Well done!Katherine -Australia

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Food Advertising Lies

It's easy in our society today to feel that our value is determined by the number on the scale. I am encouraged to change my mind so I can love myself for who I am not how much I weigh. Thank you so much for your website. It is such an inspiration to me!
Thank you! Rachel, USA

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