So it's that time of the year when so many of us make those fabulous New Year's resolutions - THIS is the year we're going to lose weight, get fit, eat healthy etc... etc... It's that time of year when we're bombarded with 101 weight loss methods and weight loss ads:

For me, it's a time of the year when look forward with anticipation at how creative the diet industry becomes. And what really tickles my sense of humour though is how almost every industry finds some incredible way to cash in on it and of course to sell gullible us a whole new bunch of diet myths.

So, just so that you don't have to fall for all the hoo ha - I'm going to give you, ABSOLUTELY FREE - my fabulous new guide to: 101 Weight Loss Tips (pictured above). Every one of them is practical, simple and they work. Do one a day until you have the ones that work best for you and then apply those on a long term basis and I promise your weight will leave you in a miraculous way. Best of all you have my permission to distribute it far and wide and to encourage everyone else to as well.

But ahem... getting back to the topic of the month. My two favourites so far this year have been (wait for it .... drumroll... and I really am not making this up) The Taco Bell Drive Thru Diet!

Now if you could read the fine print flashed across the screen in a flash which only a speed reader could I'm not quite sure what you'd find it said (no doubt some disclaimer or something about..."so long as you're only eating a very low calorie diet").

But drive-thru? Hey that's really helpful when it comes to losing weight (wonder if one of those disclaimers tell you that you actually need to exercise to achieve the weight loss their model apparently did). But here's the part I liked the best (not that anyone ever seems to hear these warnings), the model did say (more than once) that her "results weren't typical." Now on that score, I'm willing to bet she's right, I'm prepared to be she'll be another diet failure . But will that stop us from falling for it - nope! I doubt it!

My next favourite has to be the massage therapist who suddenly had a sign appear that claimed: "massages melt away unwanted fat and tone your body." Really? Clearly up until now I've been choosing the wrong massage therapist. And don't get me wrong - I think massages are fabulously relaxing, wonderful for kinked muscles, and getting our lymphatic system going. I'm also a great believer in the the power of touch" and I think they're a great way to treat myself...but I don't think I've ever come out of a massage having had my fat melted away. No sirree....

You just have to love this time of the year - it's so inventive!!!! And those fabulous models are oh so fantastically photoshopped and don't you just love those lost half their weight pictures? Well all I can say is don't be fooled! ?

Rather don't spend a dime and do what works. And then pass it on to others!

May this new year bring you health, happiness and the body you deserve.

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Best Weight Loss Products

I got the link to your website from the SBI website forum and decided to take a peek. Excellent information here. I especially like the page about sleep and weight , as well as the info on international weight research . Keep up the good work. I love your bright, cheery logo :)
Catherine - New Hampshire,USA

best weight loss products

Mind over Fatter

I really love the idea of doing some 'head stuff' tweaking instead of dieting. This is a GREAT website, loaded with unusual information.
Linda-Tampa, Florida

best weight loss products

The Joy-Filled Body

I LOVE this website. It's really thought-provoking, it's given me ideas about dieting and weight loss that I would never have contemplated. It makes such sense in a world where much about dieting doesn't. Bravo! I also loved your quizzes. I will be a repeat visitor. PS I have signed up for your free Joy-Filled Body Tips.
Jackie - San Rafael, California

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Get your Child to Eat
Healthy the easy peasy way

Love your site... it's wonderfully creative. It comes alive and makes me want to live a more joy-filled life and the added bonus is that it is also incredibly wise.
Tatiana - New Mexico

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The Green Eating Guide

I am a university-bound teenager from the United States. Two years ago I was diagnosed with anorexia, a battle that eventually found me in the hospital.Dieting has robbed me of too much time. I found this website by chance. I've spent a lot of time browsing through articles and reading stories. It has changed my attitude and made me want to be MY ideal weight, not someone else's. Thank you to all the contributors and readers of Mind over Fatter. I deeply appreciate everything you do.(abridged by Cari)
Zoe - United States

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Stop Food Fights

I can't believe Oprah hasn't interviewed you on her show yet!
Steve Trimby- Somerset West, South Africa

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Healthy recipes for Kids

I spent a little time looking at your website and I think it's fabulous! It's so good to see a SENSIBLE approach to weight loss on the web. Well done!Katherine -Australia

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Food Advertising Lies

It's easy in our society today to feel that our value is determined by the number on the scale. I am encouraged to change my mind so I can love myself for who I am not how much I weigh. Thank you so much for your website. It is such an inspiration to me!
Thank you! Rachel, USA

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