These ageless athletes will inspire you

These ageless athletes will help you realize that growing older doesn't have to mean stopping living.  They add more life to their living and will make you think about how to add more living into your life.  As you grow older you don't have to adopt a walker and a walking stick - you can walk up straight, you can dance the tango and move with grace.  If you keep moving, you'll keep your muscles young.

Ageless athlete videos

Those ageless athletes, those very old athletes who are very young in what they can do and achieve - don't they make you wonder about what more you could be doing and achieving?  As I read articles on longevity, and watch longevity videos I'm constantly amazed at these incredible athletes who will literally blow your mind with their ageless bodies and longevity lifestyles that allow them to achieve what most think is impossible.

the oldest yoga teachers

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