Cracking your Body's Health Code

Do you live with this constant nagging feeling that you're one gulp away from diabetes, a heart attack or some other illness because you're overweight?  Do you want to live longer, and live stronger? If so my Cracking your Body's Health Code is the course for you!  I have to admit to being pretty excited about it too.  

What people are saying...

After the first online webinar, an attendee, a Psychologist from Cape Town South Africa said:  "Cari, I think you are doing incredibly important work."  Another health care professional from Vancouver who I offered to repay because I had botched the setup of the forum said: "Are you kidding? What I learned in the first session was already worth what I paid for it."  

A systems analyst from a paper mill in Oregon said: "I realize I've been my own worse enemy, this is exactly what I need to give me a kick in the ass."

I'm sorry it does fill up fast...

I'm going to apologize ahead of time, I've been amazed at how quickly this course has filled up.  It seems people are hungry for ways to look after their health that aren't just about lose weight, eat healthy and exercise more.  I'm investigating ways to offer it so that it stays interactive, fun and personal but can accommodate more people.  Once the current course I'm running is full, I do put up a notice on my 'live longer starting today' site and allow people to sign up for a waiting list for the next course and it does operate on a 'first come, first serve' basis.  

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