Giving back

What I've learned from studying the health of Centenarians is that our vibratory consciousness affects our biology in powerful ways.  This doesn't only affect our health and how we age, but it's also the key to the miracles that happen every day when spontaneous healings take place.  

There are many children who have been given 'big' diagnosis that can benefit from the methods I've learned to 'step into a new biology'.  To this end, friends and I make fairy houses from recycled products which go to sick children along with an elf-helper who teaches them how to turn up their inner light and kickstart their inner rainbow.  

From  advances in imaging technology, scientists know that the brain doesn’t know the difference between what is real or what is merely vividly imagined and felt as an emotion.  It simply acts as if what we believe is true and creates the matching biochemistry and electromagnetic signals.  Multiple personality disorders show just how powerfully the mind affects the body.  The personalities in a multiple each his their own name, age, abilities and memories. Dr. Bennett Braun from the International Society for the Study of Multiple Personality in Chicago, has documented the case of a man in which all but one of his personalities were allergic to orange juice. Drinking orange juice when he was BEing one of the allergic personalities, resulted in severe hives. But, when he stepped into the consciousness of his non-allergic personality, his biology changed accordingly. The water-filled blisters disappeared and he could drink orange juice with no ill effects. 

’Miracle’ healings happen every day, especially when powerful people (like doctors, teachers and parents) talk in positive terms and believe healing is possible.  Just like this multiple personality man, when children are taught how to step into a new imagined future they also step into a new biology.

Feeling self compassion and care, hope-filled and empowered,  rather than despairing and helpless not only feels vastly more pleasant, but is also working wonders to improve our immune system and knit healthier proteins. 

If you have an interest in helping us build fairy houses (it does not matter where you live) or know of a sick child that could benefit, please contact me .

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