Use this Laura Day
Practical Intuition exercise
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You will love this Laura Day Practical Intuition Exercise which will help you access what your bodys health and longevity wisdom. I've had fabulous feedback doing this in groups and the answers people have discovered have truly astonished people at time.  

Practical intuition works on the principle that we already possess all the answers to our own questions - and we really do. I've used this exercise in multiple settings, for multiple topics and always been amazed at the results.  You can use it, not just to access your body's health and longevity needs, but pretty much for everything.

How does practical intuition work?

You're going to need about 10 minutes where you don't have telephone ringing or other interruptions. 

I'm silently 'sending' you the longevity and health question that you are going to work on. Please note:  You don't know what the question is before hand because you're going to be relying on the fact that your all-knowing practical intuition will provide you with answers to your question.

Not knowing what the question is before we start is actually a way of helping you get out of your mind's way so that your intuition can come through. 

So whatever you do, DON'T skip ahead and get the question before doing the exercise. This exercise doesn't work if you know the question before hand.

Instructions to assess your intuition

Sit quietly, either in front of your computer or with pen and paper (whichever feels comfortable to you), and just take a few breaths in and out. And then write or type whatever comes into your consciousness guided by these questions.

  • What do you hear? 
  • What comes into your vision?
  • What are you aware of in your body?  
  • Are you aware of any feelings on your skin - like various temperatures, textures etc...? 
  • What thoughts cross your mind? 
  • What feelings/emotions float up for you?

Once you're read through this list of things to note of don't refer to it again - just rely on allowing your practical intuition to surface without forcing it.

Then just notice and write whatever comes up for you - just let it flow out of you jumping from whatever takes your attention to the next thing that comes into your awareness. (Hint: I find it easiest to focus on one aspect - and what works easiest for me is to start out with what I'm hearing in my surrounding. It might well be different for you). 

I usually find I'm able to write/type about half a page or for about 2-3 minutes. I stop when it feels naturally right to do so.

´╗┐Complete the above part of the Laura Day exercise BEFORE you ask for your question.....´╗┐once you've finished your writing, complete this form to get your question. 

Practical Intuition Longevity question

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


How to interpret your Laura Day Pratical Intuition writing....

Think about the question, now go through your writing...and for each sentence ask what clues it's giving you about your answer.  Jot them down - then look at all your ideas, put them together and what answer do you get?

An example 

I used Laura Day's practical intuition exercises often, and for many different things. So that I don't know the question, I write down at least 3 questions I'd like answers to on down on separate pieces of paper. 

I put them all in an envelope, take a few breathes and start writing. Only when I've finished writing do I pull out one question - the question my practical intuition was answering.

Here's an example of one such exercise I did on the 23rd March 2005.

This is what I wrote:

Nice sizzling in background, know my griller is doing its thing... need to check on it now and again... looks nice and cool outside, want to lie in the sun, hanging baskets look a bit poorly, need to spend a bit of time with them.... saw a bird this morning, a blue jay at my seeds. yay!. wonder how butternut is doing.... flowers on table have yellow inside of them and table cloth has many yellows too - also lots of orangish tones. next to all this, my coffee mugs and cellphone look a bit metallic ... wonder how meeting with Joan will go tomorrow... putting out good vibes..... .. don't like all this mess on the table, but half of it is mine.... must go and check on that popping noise from griller...its almost ready, butternut is orange too -all autumy, warm colors. wonder if this has anything to do with warmth and coolth seen as I noticed how cool it looked outside... love my footstool, wish my neighbor would clear out his weeds, may infect my garden.... 

The question I pulled happened once I'd written what I did above was: "What needs to be on the cover of for The Mind over Fatter program? What colors should I use?"

Here was how I interpreted what had flowed from my writing....

From the sizzling griller - I got that there needed to be something food-related. The colors that seemed prominent where yellows, and orange with the possibility of something metallic. From the hanging baskets that needed some attention and messy table I deduced that it shouldn't be something with clutter or that needs too much attention. From the fact that there was a blue jay and butternut I got that the picture needed to be something natural and possibly from the garden, and something that wasn't a weed but that possibly had some part of it that might look a bit weedish - and that also gave me the image that green might form part of the cover too. Here's how the cover turned out. A non-cluttered yellow background, with an orange carrot (with green weed-like leaves) and metallic autumy purple shades thrown in as well.

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