Are you dreaming of an active, healthy,
simple & sustainable way of living?

This off-the-grid camping retreat offers both practical hands-on natural building experience along with fabulous experiential health and wellness learning.  During the 5-day retreat you will:

1. Learn how to build your own sustainable casita for pennies on the dollar

2. Build a pizza oven with your own hands from the earth below your feet

3. Enjoy guided health meditations to stimulate your body's own internal pharmacy

4. Have a daily program designed to help you build the life of your dreams

5. Participate in experiential exercises to reduce stress, build confidence and live better

6. Learn *10 of the astonishing longevity secrets of people who live to 100+ (centenarians)

7. Be nurtured with simple but **wholesome meals, eaten the way centenarians eat 

8. Enjoy the sun on your back, the great outdoors and off-the-grid living 

9. Live close to mother earth and her rhythms and a sense of slowed down spaciousness

10.  Fall into bed deliciously tired from having had an active body (ps you may lose a few pounds too)

11. Share rich connection and build lasting friends under the stars around a campfire. 

12. Be immersed in 360 beauty to feed and nurture your soul

13. You will indulge your playful spirit, have fun, and enjoy being creative

The Corby Sanctuary with it's 360 beauty to nourish your soul
You will indulge your playful spirit and have fun

What they say...

"Joining you gave me the confidence to attempt alternative building on my own. I came home and built my own horno (pizza oven) and used it to cook in until it fell apart (literally). The Corby Sanctuary is very peaceful, and allowed me to relax my mind and my soul. I still think about that time and all the people. There is nothing quite like doing for yourself. To look at something you created with your own hands and then use that thing in your every day life. It is an experience I think everyone should have."

- Pat Grymala: Los Lunas New Mexico

Register by March 15th 2019 to secure the early bird special.

This price includes the workshop, simple but wholesome meals and a camping spot.

Early Bird save $100

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