running workshops on mind over fatter

Hey Cari

Not sure if you remember me? We met sometime back when Celynn Erasmus and I expressed interest in being involved in your workshops.

Do you still run the Mind over Fatter workshops in SA? I would love to be a facilitator? I have experience in speaking and training.

christine STent pinha Dietician

HI Christine, of COURSE I remember you and thanks so much for your interest in becomming a Mind over Fatter practitioner. Unfortunately I no longer run those facilitator-lead support groups because even though I had developed the manuals, vido support etc.... it just seemed impossible to get practitioners to run them according to the standards I needed. But I really feel honoured that someone of your caliber would want to be a Mind over Fatter practitioner, thanks so much for asking.

I trust you're keeping well.
Kind regards

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