Think you’re a fit?

My readers want personal essays that share what it means to be a human, to struggle to live in this body on this earth and to overcome those struggles and celebrate yourself.

What does it mean to be body wise?  To tap into your body’s wisdom, to live in harmony with your body, to understand it's unique biology and how it is always working towards keeping us healthy.  

What does living a perfect-size life mean? To live a large and expansive no matter your size or your shape.  To be more interested in the size of your heart and the depth of your spirit than in the size of your thighs or the shape of your butt.

I do NOT want your weight loss story - I want your, how do I live with myself in this body story.  I want your story about how you live with your doubts and insecurities, your health concerns.  I want out of the box articles about weight and body acceptance that are either so logical that readers go I have to put down what I’m doing and give this my full attention kind of stuff.  Or they have to have the research to back it up.  But still it has to be a compelling read.

In short, my readers want to be moved.

They want Oh Wow inspiring kind of stuff - stuff that isn’t fluff.  They want the truth, not some marketing BS.  They want….Oh my gosh kind of posts. They are looking for fabulous writing. Period. They don’t care if you are a well known author or someone who scribbles on the back of a napkin.  If you’ve got bold innovative ideas that can be backed up, or ways of putting research together that comes to unusual conclusions…..THAT’s what they want.   They do not want lists unless the ideas truly make people better humans.  And even then, they ought to be distinct, and, at the very least, funny as hell.

They want gut wrenching, raw, honest and brave writing, preferably stuff that’s out of the box, that makes people sit up and think….Oh my gosh, how come I never thought about it that way before. That’s what they want.  They want stuff that helps them challenge the status quo.  They don’t want to know about the latest lipstick or fashion, if anything they want to know how to ‘fit out’ rather than ‘fit in.’

They are not looking to be sold to, they are looking for stuff they can’t find anywhere else.  Stuff that challenges them.  They want to be shown what beauty is.  What love and self-love and compassion and self-compassion are.  

The pieces should absolutely NOT be about weight loss in any way shape or form, this site isn’t about losing the next 5, or doing on yet another smoothie regime or diet….or living up to the current images of beauty.

Due to the number of posts I receive I cannot give feedback. Please know that I am honored to read your work and that even if you do not end up on the site, I think of it as a great privilege to read what you have written.  If you have not heard back from me within 1 month of submitting your piece, please feel free to submit it elsewhere.

I am grateful for each and every submission I get to read. Even if your piece is not chosen, please know that I am honored to have read it. And I do read every single one (so long as they check out as being unique unless you have advised me it is not). 

Three things to note:

1.  Please include a short bio (less than 200 words), including a link to your website homepage.

2.  Please make sure that your submission is polished and has a contact email included in it.  Should your piece be selected for publication, any edits or changes you desire will require a new submission.

3.  We do accept previously published pieces, however they need to be of exceptional quality to warrant re-publication on our site. Please indicate if the piece has been published before and where. Publication on your personal blog is perfectly fine, but we may ask that you take the post down if we publish it on Body-wise-perfect-size.

About Photos: Feel free to let me know if you have a feature photo that you have the copyright to use if you want us to consider using it.  Should your piece be accepted for publication, I will contact you for photos including one of yourself.

I want you! Now, dazzle me and my readers.  Please submit your articles using via my contact form

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