The power of subconscious mind

How the power of subconscious mind affects how your body operates at a biological level is something that isn't immediately obvious.  Guard your thoughts because they change how your body creates stress hormones which are bad for our health.

Depending on what you're telling yourself, how you feel about your world changes dramatically.  If what you're telling yourself makes you feel optimistic: how you walk, talk and hold your body changes, and of course if what you're telling yourself makes you feel pessimistic, your body will mimic that too.  Likewise if you're holding a particular body pose and giving your body the command that goes with that pose, there is something unseen happening inside of your biology. But it's not just what is observable about you that changes - nope, thought power changes you at a much more fundamental level - at a level you can't see and may not even be aware of.

Dr Amy Cuddy & the power of subconscious mind

Amy Cuddy and her team at Harvard University were interested to find how changes in how we hold our body can shape and change the power of subconscious mind.  They did a series of experiments where they had people hold either high or low power poses.   Think, for a moment, how your consciousness changes whether you are consciously holding a power pose compared to a dis-empowered pose.  They collected a saliva sample from people, they they asked to hold different poses for 2 minutes, then they asked them questions to ascertain how powerful they felt, and finally they gave them an opportunity to gamble before taking a follow up saliva sample.  They were interested in seeing how much cortisol (the stress hormone) and testosterone (the dominance/confidence hormone) levels changed just by holding poses from a different consciousness.  

Here's what they found:  significantly more people will gamble after holding a high energy pose than a low energy pose.  Of those who held their bodies in a confident pose 86% will gamble  compared to 60% of those who held a low power consciousness.  But it's what you couldn't observe with the naked eye that's eye-opening:  In the high power pose, testosterone went up by 20%,  and cortisol levels reduced about 25% from the baseline measurement).  In the low power pose, testosterone went down about 10% decrease from baseline and cortisol increased by 15%).  Our non verbal state of consciousness governs our biology.   

Using thought power to your advantage....

power of subconscious mind

How can you use this to your advantage?  Anytime you're being evaluated like speaking in public, doing a job interview, going out when you're feeling uncertain of lacking in confidence or other stressful situation, think powerful "I feel powerful' thoughts and hold a power pose.  Our consciousness changes our minds and bodies, our bodies change our minds, our minds change our behavior.  Don’t fake it until you make it….fake  it until your biology BECOMES it.  Tiny tweaks in how you hold your body and what thoughts you hold in your mind lead to big changes in your biology - changes that are measurable.  It's a really simple way to configure you brain to help you, get your confidence (testoerone) up, get your stress to go (cortisol) down.  We don't need yet another pill - that 'little blue pill" with it's many side effects.  Nope....what we need is is the ability to change and control our own biology.

Thought power and diabetes

I was fascinated how adopting a different consciousness towards diabetes for just 5 minutes was able to change blood sugar readings.  There isn't a single part of our biology that isn't affected by the power of subconscious mind.  

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