What if health advice isn’t just conflicting, but off track? What if health, happiness and longevity look a lot different than you expect?  This book refutes health myths in a common sense way, before taking you on an unusual tour through the intimate workings of the body (your heart, your brain, your gut, your cells, your DNA and your telomeres).  Finally, it offers compelling evidence that you are affected less by your human ‘DOings’ (your diet and exercise) than your human ‘BEingness’ (your beliefs, attitudes and consciousness). Using evidence from

-extreme survivors (those people who live to 100+); 

-extreme shifters (multiple personality patients) and 

- extreme believers (like firewalkers), 

this books shows that health isn’t difficult, it doesn’t require willpower and all the most potent health measures are free. It will  give you the practical tools to heal your life, heal your health and our world in just 18 minutes a day. It is audacious but based in science!

There is an enlightened revolution in this book – one that overthrows the tyranny of our ordinary consciousness and grants us the power to reimagine ourselves. Using hard data, inspiring case studies, and a passion for elevating human consciousness, Cari teaches us how to sing a new BodySong that not only has the potential to restore our health, but also has the ability to liberate our personal power, return us to the seat of our original Joy, and reveal the effortless melodies of our very best life.  - Adam Klugman, Creative Director

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