2. Share your I LOVE MYSELF (or your struggle to) story
4. UPDATE ON MY CHILDREN'S BOOK P.S. It's got a new title! Yay!

Cari's updated diary

I can look at myself naked in the mirror without torrent of self-criticism filling my head - and that's fabulous. But just the other day, we were having a discussion in our online group about self-criticism and self-blame and here's what I realized. I would find it surprisingly difficult to say 'I love myself" out loud. and so I've had to ask myself WHY?

It's not that I don't think I'm worthy of love. it's not even that I don't love myself. It goes back to old conditioning - it's apparently just not very humble to love myself. At least that's what I seem to have been programmed with. You can love your Creator (whoever you deem that to be), you can love others, you can love many things but to actually say out loud that "I love myself" is....well just not the done thing! It supposedly makes me arrogant.

Does it really? When I sit down in the cold light of day and ponder why that is so, it leaves me kind of confused. I've often heard the bit about "love thy neighbour as you love yourself." And herein lies my feelings of confusion.... how can I fully love my neighbour is I can't allow myself to love myself??? If I can look in a mirror and say: "You fat disgusting pig" how would my neighbour like to be loved in that way?

I wish I'd though to ask that question growing up? Surely loving my neighbour HAS to start by being able to say: I love myself. Now... have you noticed how you'll find valentines days cards a plenty with the words: "I love you," but not one saying "I love myself"?


This valentines, make it like none other. Here's my challenge to you. Take a moment to go into a card shop, and read couple valentines day cards. Choose one that has words that make your heart sing - one that you wish someone else would buy for you. Now, in pen, change all references so as to personalize it to yourself, write yourself a love note inside and mail it in time to arrive for valentines day.

And while we're at it, why not let's take it a step further, make a few 'permission' hearts that give yourself permission to: "love being active," and "love eating," and "be self-loving." It's giving yourself the gift of LOVING all that you once did naturally as a small child before society robbed you of those things. Stick these permission hearts on your fridge, your computer or wherever else will remind to be your own valentine.

Dare to adopt this as your saying: "Each day I love you more. Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow." ~Rosemonde Gerard


Visit our fabulous ditch diets submissions center to share your own stories, poems and weight loss tips. I love getting them and they're really starting to flow in now.

Look for two fabulous new child-friendly recipes: One for: Healthy ratatouille recipe remember the movie - Ratouille?

Magical bean soup... and this really is magical, I can vouch for it and my nieces and nephews think it's yummy too.

And if you're feeling even slightly guilty about having a valentines day chocolate treat, read this absolutely fabulous story one of our Mind over Fatter members shared with our group - it really made me laugh!


Guess what...I'm so excited, the publishers for my children's book came back with the title for my children's book and I just love it. It's going to be called: Mom, Pass the Broccoli: How to provide your child with healthy eating habits for life. I've asked various experts to review it's chapters because well, you know, I have a big mouth and I thought it was safer to run it past people with specific training in various areas. And I have to admit to being thrilled with the responses I'm getting because one thing is for sure, it's probably going to be the most unusual children's book on eating out there!


Is......Robyn from Michigan. Robyn if you're reading this I haven't yet had a response from my e.mail to you for your address, so please get back to me.

Here's to saying 'I love myself' on Valentines day and every day afterwards too!

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