Covid Fear affects your immune system 

Fear affects your immune system - and not in a good way!  Thus if you are living with a lot of fear and stress around Covid-19 that fear is impacting  your BodySong vibration negatively and DECREASING the efficiency of your immune system.  Fear vibrates through your body with a very low frequency - apparently somewhere between 19 hz and 4 hz.  I've read in open source literature that the virus vibrates at somewhere between 5.5 and 14.5 hz and that it cannot thrive or exist in a body resonating at above 25.5hz.  And when your BodySong is in a state of love (the frequency I included in my latest dancing meditation) you're giving yourself an immune boost plus you're creating a cellular environment that is inhospitable for covid and you're putting something positive into the Universe.  It's a win-win-win.

Prolonged stress leads to an ongoing leaking of cortisol which alters the effectiveness of cortisol to regulate both the inflammatory and immune response.   Cortisol changes the bodies ph balance so that it becomes more acidic.   The problem with this is that in an acidic state, viruses, bacteria, yeast, mold, fungus, Candida and Cancer cells all thrive.  As one study that investigated the corona virus concludes:  "we show here that fusion of the coronavirus IBV with host cells does not occur at neutral pH and that fusion activation is a low-pH-dependent process... Little or no fusion occurred above a pH of 6.0. The pH optimum for fusion was 5.0 at 37°C.."  (37 is the normal temperature for the human body)

How do we reduce the fear that affects your immune system?

Stress and fear are all about perceptions as I prove in my Stress Less and Live longer course, so how our perceptions are formed?  By what we see and are told.  I'm a bit of a research geek so let's start by looking at some stats.  While confirmed cases continue to spike, it’s curious to me that the world as well as country after country show that the death rate is not spiking anywhere near in line with this as you might expect it to. (In the diagrams below pulled on Nov 15th for the world, the USA, the UK and Sweden you can see the confirmed daily rate in red and the death rate at the bottom in black).  By the way I included Sweden because they have never locked down so I think it's just an interesting country to watch.  Sure, if there is more testing you would also expect more confirmed cases - that makes sense but there is more to this story than that.  If we knew this, instead of just the dramatic headlines, would it help us sleep better, and reduce our fear and stress?  

Medical journals are also reporting this interesting trend.  Yet we don’t seem to hear this, and if we did maybe we could continue to be vigilant, and take all the necessary precautions, but stop the ongoing fear that affects our immune systems take up rent in our heads.  

Reasons for the declining death rate

There are many reasons for for a declining death rate:

  • We’ve learned a lot about covid since it first came to plague us:  its treatment, and protecting our most vulnerable populations.
  • We have more Protective Equipment and medical equipment (like ventilators) than when COVID first hit us
  • Some scientists speculate that the virus is attenuating (getting weaker) so cases might continue to climb but have a better overall outcomes.
  • Many younger people now contracting the virus barely show symptoms at all. (And in fact after Elan Musks 4 tests in one day when 2 were negative and 2 were positive - I have to admit to having some skepticism about the confirmed case numbers)
  • Measures like wearing masks and social distancing may mean people are being infected with lower viral loads so are not getting as sick.
  • We may be slowly acquiring herd immunity.

I’m quite sure no-one wants to get Covid, and even one hospitalisation and death is one too many. But being so fearful of it that we’re not only decreasing our immunity not only makes us more susceptible to catching it, but it’s also what puts more panic and fear into the vibrational energy going out into the world. None of which helps either us as humans or the vibrational frequency of our planet. A panicked and fear-filled population doesn't make better decisions, instead we make worse one.  Panic and fear are also infectious - they spread really easily.

If someone is indeed given the dreaded diagnosis of “you have COVID” ...if they’ve been presented with ALL the facts instead of only the dramatic cases headlines, they’re less likely to go into panic...which means being given this diagnosis is vastly less likely to impact (shutdown) their body’s natural healing mechanisms. The result? They’ll heal up faster and have less chance of having long-lasting effects because the mind is a super powerful force for healing good (placebo) or making the effects more severe (nocebo). I quote some pretty incredible examples in my BodySong book (available from Amazon in print or for kindle)  of the incredible role that the power of belief plays on our health.

Knowledge is power - so empower yourself by knowing that there is much more behind the drama and fear-filled headlines because simply not moving into fear-mode can make a dramatic difference to both your chance to catch Covid, your chances of being hospitalised from it and your ability to heal from it (or not) as well.

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