Free Health Information Videos

These free health information videos come from a belief that feeling good about ourselves is a health-measure.  Actually, it's not just a 'feeling' it's a researched fact.  There is so much more to health than just eat less and exercise more.  There are so many other things we can do for our health as I know from studying centenarians.  Feeling comfortable in your own skin - gives you happy cells - happy cells lead to better health and more longevity.

Sometimes controversial free health information interviews

Always controversial free health information interviews

On weight, diets and health myths

There is an obesity paradox going on.  Having delved deep into the research on obesity I can tell you personal belief is that we can be healthy at a vastly larger range of sizes than what our thin-obsessed media would have you belief.  These interviews share more of this research.

Ever worried and obsessed incessantly about the health of your diet?  About how much you are eating?  About how many calories you're consuming?  Relax, stressing about every morsel you consume may be more detrimental to your diet than your diet itself.

On eating

Centenarians don't stress about food and eating.  They don't hunt down goji berries or snack on chia seeds.  They aren't overly anxious about what they eat.  They aren't obsessed with calories, nor micro-nutrients.  In fact overall, they have a pretty 'live and let live' attitude towards food.  They eat with enjoyment and they eat what brings them joy.

On body image 

Those images you see in the media aren't real -  they're photoshopped BS.  They are designed to keep us feeling insecure because the more insecure we feel, the more we open our wallets.  Problem is the more we stress about our body and hate ourselves, the more we release stress hormones and shorten our lives. Having a positive body image isn't vanity, it's a way of keeping healthy.

On size and fat acceptance

When you understand the mind-body connection, you'll also understand that no matter your size or shape, your will ALWAYS be healthier when you are self-loving and self-compassionate.  Want to know how fat people make choices to live happy lives regardless of our cultural insistence that they shouldn't?  These are my most controversial interviews and also some of my favorite because I am inspired by courage!

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