I'm interested in this article on massage therapy benefits

by Linda Strickland
(Mandeville, LA)

What a great article. I am going to share it on Facebook. I a large woman as well as a massage therapist of almost 17 years. I have been receiving massages for over twenty-five years, but even with all that I know, I am still selective about who I receive touch from. And I know a lot of therapist because I have been involved in the massage association world, along with that I am the current chair with my state's massage license board. Therapist are people, too and have their own issues. When I pick up on any negativity in my encounters with other therapists, I move away to someone who feels safer to be around. I need and want to be accepted when I am on the massage table. I crave touch and fully admit to that. It is sometimes difficult to help others understand how vital touch is, but It will always be a part of my life.

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